Best YouTube Parenting Channels!

Sometimes it is guidance or a new perspective you need to help you through a rough patch, other times it is just a silly distraction. The list below offers a little bit of both!

1) The Father Effect

I like this channel a lot – because it really helps drive home just how import the role of a father is in a child’s life! It makes me want to really elevate my game and focus on what is truly important. It is also very strong in its Christian message – which I like as well!

Subscribers# VideosStart Date
3.86K505May 31st, 2011
Total Channel Views=519,034
The Father Effect

2) The Parenting Junkie

I like this channel because it promotes the peaceful parenting method – which is a method based on a simple, respectful and mindful approach to raising children.

Subscribers# VideosStart Date
80K246September 11th, 2014
Total Channel Views=3,850,434
The Parenting Junkie

3) Hapa Family

This channel chronicles the family adventures of Ashley , Mike and their 2 kids. What I really like about his channel is their focus on using the Montessori method for teaching and raising their kids!

Subscribers# VideosStart Date
318K383May 5th, 2018
Total Channel Views=23,952,633
Hapa Family

4) Supernanny

Melani and I actually started watching this show on TV before we had children – and I give a lot of credit to Jo Frost for having a tremendous amount of common sense and intuition when it come to child rearing! I really have learned a lot from her over the years and feel this is a great resource for anyone on the parenting journey! There are a lot of snippets on the channel – but it is the full episodes that are probably to most helpful and inspiring!

Subscribers# VideosStart Date
3.15 Million1,313November 25th, 2009
Total Channel Views=1,513,704,446

5) Chipomite

OK – this is our own channel! Just a mish-mash of our lives. I’ve had the channel longer than the blog – so there is some cute stuff on there from when the older kids were a lot younger!

Subscribers# VideosStart Date
165106November 20th, 2010
Total Channel Views=149,301

6) My Life Suckers

Just a channel for some fun that most parents can probably relate to!

Subscribers# VideosStart Date
176K289December 2nd, 2013
Total Channel Views=58,357,145
My Life Suckers



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