Our YouTube Channels

Now some of the kids are starting to run their own YouTube channels. Here are links to all the channels we have as a family.

Chipomite: This is our main channel which has a mish-mash of videos we have created over the years. We continue to add to this channel. It is a family themed channel with some occasional science experiments.

Channel commercial – but still one of my favorites!

GracieBug: This is Gracie’s channel. She usually creates videos for making crafts, drone flights over scenic landscapes and other miscellaneous topics.

Lake Gaston Drone Video

GoDominick: This is Dominick’s channel. He usually focuses on gaming & soccer videos. On occasion he might surprise you with something a little more random!

Minecraft Tips & Tricks

Some of our Favorite Videos from our Chipomite YouTube Channel!

This was one of the first pieces we put together for the channel. Sophie wasn’t born yet!
Birth Announcement for Sophie!
Out of 4 kids using this SAME car seat – only Sophie figured out how to do this!
This is THE day Dominick blossomed as a soccer player!
BY FAR – the most watched video on our channel!
Gracie deserves a medal for being such a trooper here…
The crazy stuff our Amazon Alexa says!