Random Thoughts

Thoughts that are somewhat random in nature…

3rd Quarter 2022

So I remember, distinctly, when we had our third child (Annie, now 10) – that people told me that we were going to be busy in the years to come. Well, I can tell you – they weren’t lying! And…

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Proof Santa is Real!

Videos of Santa & our elf Mistletoe in our house! 2017 Email letter from Santa 2020 Email Letter from Santa We have been fortunate @ the Williamson household to have captured Santa a few times on camera – as well…

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Printable Thanksgiving Word Searches!

FREE printable word search puzzles for you & your family to enjoy for Thanksgiving! We created these word search games from scratch – using Google sheets. They offer some words that are easy enough to find for little kids, and…

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15th Anniversary!

Wow! What an amazing journey so far – especially when you throw a few wonderful kids into the mix! Thanks Melani! I love you – and look forward to each new chapter with you! Love,

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