Happy Birthday Gracie!

Another Birthday for our wonderful little girl!

Happy 12th Birthday Gracie!

February 12th, 2021

Wow! Almost a teen…..arghh….. It was a trying year for all of us this last year – but Gracie did a great job and made everything look easy! Unfortunately her nerd camp in Philadelphia was cancelled last year – but hopefully she will be able to attend this year. She is REALLY looking forward to that!

Gracie loves school, has been a great big sister to her siblings – and is helping around the house more and more. She has a sense of humor that is in line with her father’s – and is almost always the first one to laugh at my jokes!

We love you Gracie!

Happy 11th Birthday Gracie!

Posted 2/12/2020

Wow 11 years old! It scares me that the teen years are just a couple of years away!

Gracie is such a wonderful kid! She has really hit her stride in school! My money is on this one being either an engineer or scientist!

Gracie is also doing well at lacrosse, soccer and basketball, and is just overall a wonderful little person! Oh – and she is also an avid Syracuse fan!

Here is a little compilation of some pictures of her from this past year! We had a GREAT year with you Gracie & we are so proud & honored to be your parents!

Posted 2/12/2019

Today our little girl turned 10! Gracie, you have been an absolute blessing everyday since you were born! You are kind, smart, funny, athletic, an awesome big sister and a great helper! We are so proud to be your parents and love you more than words can express!

Here is a link to the quarterly newsletter right before her birth (January 2009) – and right after (April 2009). They sure do bring back a lot of wonderful memories!

Love, Mom & Dad

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