Happy Birthday Dominick!

Another Birthday for our wonderful little boy! This is an annually updated post to celebrate Dominick! There is also an annual photo gallery to recap her year as well.
2021 11 Years Old
2020 10 Years Old
2022 12 Years Old2019 9 Years Old

Updated April 2022: 12 Years Old!

Dominick is growing up to be a very nice & reliable young man! He has had a great year with scouts & is becoming much more hardy – routinely camping outside in the colder weather. He still enjoys his sports – soccer & basketball, and of course, his video games. But Dominick is also learning (self-taught) about computer animation & graphics. He is always the first to offer to help around the house & to share. Yes, he still struggles some with organization skills- but that is something we like to chalk up to a creative mind….

We are blessed to have such a wonderful son – especially considering he is our only son! We are proud of you, Dominick, and love you very much!

Updated April 2021: 11 Years-Old!

Strange year with this whole coronavirus thing – but the kids keep growing! Wow! 11 years-old!

Dominick was VERY disappointed that he really didn’t get to play soccer last year! But this spring – the school has been hosting scrimmages – and, for that, Dominick is very thankful! He continues to improve with his foot skills – and is doing a great job of passing and assisting. There is a pretty big age range on the field at any time – and I have been very impressed with how he is very respectful and deferential to the younger players – but still plays hard against the older kids.

He continues to grow, continues to play video games, and is doing well in school. He also has been helping around the house more – and we appreciate that! So we are happy!

For his birthday I took him and a couple of his friends to Wolfie’s for ice cream and then to the park with assorted sports equipment. Simple – but he really enjoyed it!

We love you Dominick!

Updated April 2020: 10 Years-Old!

Dominick is, by far, my favorite son! OK – yes he is “technically” my only son – but that doesn’t really make it any less of an accomplishment!

Dominick had another great year! Yes he struggled on the basketball court – but he ended up making the game winning shot in the last game of the season! (One of my favorite moments of the year with him – which you can see here: Adventure Update # 046: Game Winning Shot!)

Dominick also really impressed us when he hosted our home version of the Father / Daughter Dance last spring! I told him repeatedly – how fantastic of a job he did for that – and that it really meant a lot to me and the girls!

I said it last year – and I will say it again – If I am only going to have one son – I sure am glad it is Dominick! We are blessed to have this not-so-little boy in our lives – and we know it!

For a kid who pretty much spent the first 11 months of his life crying – he has really grown into a GREAT young man! We love you and are very proud of you Dominick!

April 2019 – Happy 9th Birthday to Dominick!

OK- So it is Dominick & me in a household of girls!

Dominick is an AWESOME kid & I could not ask for a better son! If I am only going to have one son – Dominick is the son to have! He is kind, athletic and smart. He is a reader, a chess player and a builder. He is also patient and persistent – and mature beyond his years!

His first 11 days or so with us were wonderful – and made us wonder why people say having 2 is more difficult than one…. But then the crying started – and didn’t end for about 11 months! I mean NON-STOP!!! Then we wondered – what did we do to our lovely little family!

Here is a link to the quarterly newsletter right before he was born (April 2010) and the one right after he was born (July 2010). Brings back memories!

But since then – he has been absolutely wonderful! He is consistently VGBD (Very Good Boy Dominick)! That is actually one of my nick-names for him now.

Dominick is a great kid – and I am truly honored to be his father. I look forward to witnessing all the wonderful things this boy will do…

We love you Dominick!

As a parting shot – I will leave you with this!

Great goal Dominick!


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