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Hi my name is Annie! I have a YouTube channel in the making. My channel is called AnneBun – because I like bunnies so much! When I finish making my first video I hope you come back here to watch it and enjoy it!

September 21st, 2019 POST:

One day I was out into the woods and I saw a bunny. She was brown with a speck of white fur on her nose. The second time I went into the woods I saw the same bunny. And then when the third day came the bunny was out in the meadow before I got there. Right before I went to feed her she jumped into my hands and she wanted me to take her home. So I asked Mommy and Daddy if I could keep her and they said “yes”. I love her. Then she’s lived with me ever since.

The End.

This is not a real story . This actually didn’t happen to me. I wish it did – because I love bunnies. 


 If you want to hear more stories.  Please stay tuned!


July 8th, 2019 POST:

Hi Annie here, welcome back to my blog! Today I will be talking about different YouTube channels I recommend. So the First Youtube channel is “Just Jordan 33”. She is a very good YouTuber. She explains every challenge she does and you can understand everything she does. I also recommend her sister’s Channel – “All Around Audrey”. “All Around Audrey” is a YouTube channel kind of like Jordan’s channel. She also explains all of her challenges so you can understand them and she has a cute pet dog named Logan. I also recommend “That YouTube Family”. It is a very nice Channel and they play games like sardines and sometimes slime. Another YouTube channel I like is called “Sis versus Bro”. They do challenges and they explain most of them. Sis and Bro make slime and they actually are pretty good at making slime. They do bigger challenges with slime. They do “Eat It or Wear It.” They do “Chocolate Versus Real”, “Gummy Versus Real”. So I recommend those channels. They’re really good – so be sure to check them out there on YouTube. Be sure to check them out now if you didn’t subscribe to them. I recommend you to subscribe. Annie


 I’ll see you tomorrow on another blog post.

Bunny News!

Hi I’m here to give you some Bunny News today. Today I can tell you we are going to Niagara Falls this summer. We hope to see some cool waterfalls. I hope there was a gift shop there too. I’m really excited to go to Niagara Falls with my family.

There are a lot of kinds of cars – which kind do you like more? I like electric cars more because they do not have gas like other cars do. Electric cars are  better for you.

If money were no object, what kind of car would you prefer to drive?Uh - Duh - the SMELLY GAS PIG is on the the left (Uncle Buck's Beast) and the silky smooth & quiet Bolt (The Chipster) is on the right!

That is today’s Bunny News

Things I like

Click on the picture to go to the Animal Jam website!!

In some of my videos you will see I play Animal Jam. Animal Jam is a fun game for kids and you can win some stuff. It tells you facts about animals when you when you finish a game on Animal Jam. You can pick characters, go to parties and you can even get pets. I will be going to some parties on my videos. You will find I have a pet dog named River Ninja and my name is jelly b70. I like to play Animal Jam. I have a fun time playing Animal Jam. I hope you watch my videos and have a lot of fun watching to them . You might even get inspired to make Animal Jam videos yourself! I hope you get the game Animal Jam. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. Bye guys! 

I Love the Just Jordan YouTube Channel! She loves to make slime like I do! She also does slime challenges.

I also really like Jordan’s sister Audrey! Here is a video about her spending 24 hours in a zoo!

I really like the Disney Now app – because it has one of my favorite shows on it – called Bizaardvark! You can see more about the show here: Bizaardvark.