Quarterly Newsletters

Chip’s quarterly personal newsletters.

4th Quarter 2021

Well, we have made the transition to our new schedule!  I am bringing Gracie down to Binghamton every morning for school – since she is now @ Seton.  I thought I would be into the office earlier, and out earlier…

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3rd Quarter 2021

The Williamsons: Gracie had a very busy year-end at school and graduated from 6th grade this year.  She had a class trip, numerous graduation parties and was one of the lead characters in her class play.  We were so proud…

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Second Quarter 2021

The Williamsons: We had a LOT of snow this year!  In fact, it is my understanding that we won the “Golden Snowball” this year – with a whopping 102.9 inches of snow!  Buffalo was a distant second with a mere…

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First Quarter 2021

As 2020 fades into the rearview mirror – there are some lessons and aspects of this past year that we will be looking to carrying into the future with us.  Yes, we are looking forward to being able to do…

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Fourth Quarter 2020

We had a family wedding to attend for Melani’s side of the family in August. We had been planning on attending the event since last year – and then the coronavirus happened! The wedding was ultimately held (just live streamed…

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