Life Lessons

Life Lessons I want my children to learn mostly vicariously from me – rather than the hard way themselves!

Life Lessons: The Power of Politeness

We have struggled in teaching the kids to be polite to others, especially in times of frustration & disappointment. So we thought a lot about this, reflected on personal examples in our own lives, and then explained to them how…

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Life Lessons: The Importance of Being On-Time!

We recently had an issue making it to religious education on time on a Sunday morning. The cause - one of the kids, maybe a certain young man in particular, was "working" hard to make the polar glaciers look like fast moving landslides! How do I try to teach my kids to respect others and their time? - by using real life examples & experiences. Here they learn the life lesson about the value & importance of BEING ON TIME!
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Life Lesson: If You Need an Answer Right Now – The Answer is NO!!

If You Need an Answer Right Now - The Answer is NO!! || There have been numerous times in my life where people have pressed me to give an immediate answer. Oftentimes it is in conjunction with some "unbelievably compelling" offer. When I was younger, less experienced & less confident, I found it difficult to say "NO" sometimes.
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Personal Responsibility

Yes - some things are, without a doubt, outside our control. But fortune rewards the prepared - and those that accept personal responsibility for their lives & actions are more prepared than those that don't!
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