3rd Quarter 2022

So I remember, distinctly, when we had our third child (Annie, now 10) – that people told me that we were going to be busy in the years to come. Well, I can tell you – they weren’t lying! And to boot – we had a 4th child (Sophie – now 5) – just to make sure that we wouldn’t have any idle time!

Kevin, Nick & I went on a road trip together at the very end of last quarter – too late to include it in the last newsletter. We went to Kansas City for a work-related conference. It was great to finally meet, in person, some of the people we work with & learn a couple new things too! It was also nice just to spend some time with both of my business partners on a social level. All-in-all it was a great experience and worthwhile investment of time & energy. Thank you CreativeOne Wealth for being such gracious hosts!

The school year is over & Gracie finished her first year in Middle school – on the high honors roll. Dominick is going to be in middle school next year – so we will have 2 at the middle school & 2 at the elementary school. Great – 2 different locations on the opposite ends of town…

Sophie is playing soccer again this year – and on this past Saturday’s game she KICKED THE BALL! If you remember, last season she didn’t even MOVE at all on the soccer field. In fact – people generally confused her with a misplaced lawn gnome (see my post Adventure Update # 060: Back to School! from 2021). Two weeks ago – she started running around the field with her friend – with no relation at all to where the ball was – or was heading. But she was moving, and we saw that as an improvement. So her actually KICKING the ball has totally blown our minds!

Annie and I got to go on a date night – and we enjoyed a nice dinner & some conversation at the Greek House in Johnson City, followed by a little ice cream at Wolfies in Endwell.

If you would like to read more about our family adventures & see more pictures – check out our blog @ www.TheParenthoodAdventures. Please be advised – we do have advertisements & affiliate links on our websites.


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