Adventure Update # 021: A Good Boring!

Anniversary Dinner, The Dump & A Visit with Danny. A remarkably boring update - but in a good way! After all - there should be some lazy days of summer!

Anniversary Dinner, The Dump & A Visit with Danny

A remarkably boring update – but in a good way! After all – there should be some lazy days of summer!

Melani and I finally got our night out for our anniversary. Thank you Mimi for watching the kids! The only negative was it was an extremely hot evening – and the restaurant’s A/C was not keeping up with the heat coming out of the kitchen, the outside temperature and all the people sitting down to eat dinner! So it was a little warm and humid in there. Either way – it was still nice to get some alone time with Melani – with no one needing something from her!


Soccer is over for the spring season…. bummer – because I really enjoy watching the kids play. I hope that all three of the older kids will play in the fall with their school team. We will see….. We let them choose – but they have to play some sport! (remember that whole benevolent dictatorship thing that we have going in our house!)

Landfill Run!

So what did I do instead of watching the kids play soccer?? I made a run to the dump (landfill) with Annie and took almost a dozen paint cans for disposal.

We had to PAY $5 to dispose of them – and Annie asked me why we would pay to throw something away. I explained that by just throwing it in the landfill – it could eventually leach out and make it’s way into our drinking water – and that would be bad! I told her that although I did not LIKE the fact that we had to PAY – it was the right thing to do….

Visit with Uncle Danny

On Sunday we went over to Melani’s mother’s house to see Melani’s brother Danny. He was in NYC for business and swung through town to visit us all on his way home. It was nice to catch up with him and just hang out a little. I think the kids have grown a little since he had seen them last year @ Melani’s sister Lisa’s wedding.


I continue to work on the back patio area – now doing some concrete repair work. It is slow – but rewarding work. I like any opportunity to work with my hands – since I sit behind a desk most days! I also enjoy the sense of satisfaction when I am able to see, physically, the fruits of my labor….

Vocational Cross & Prayer

We were selected to receive the vocational cross this week at our church. Gracie & Dominick went up with me to the altar to collect it. So for the week, each night with our devotionals – we will pray the special prayer for vocations.

We took the kids to my brother’s house one night to swim. It has been very hot here – much like it has been across the entire east coast of the US. The kids welcomed the opportunity for a fun way to cool down a little!

Oh – and we closed out the week with a little ice cream run! I love seeing those little faces smile!

Ice cream @ Wolfie’s.


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