Adventure Update # 028: Nerd Squad & Birthdays

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Hum – I don’t know how I forgot to post this in the last update – but somehow I did! Early in October my father was up for a visit. His best friend’s wife passed away – so he came up for the services and to see the family up here. It was great to see him and have the kids spend some time with him! I wish it could have been under better circumstances – but it is what it is.

Steve, Dad & Me.

Annie’s Birthday!

Annie turned 8 earlier in the week! See the birthday post here: Happy Birthday Annie! Melani usually makes a special cake – and did so for Annie this year too. One of the shows that the kids like to watch on Netflix is Nailed It! The premise of the show is that they get very substandard amateur bakers and give them ridiculously challenging cakes to bake in even more ridiculously short periods of time. It is entertaining – even if it is predictable. So I was joking with Melani that she should only have 75 minutes to make Annie an awesome cake this year from scratch! Challenge – not accepted….

Carrot cake shaped like a carrot – another Cake Creation by Melani!

Nerd Squad @ Gigi’s Again

Nerd Squad in training! Gracie & Dominick in Gigi’s basement – installing new router.

Gracie, Dominick and I were over @ my grandmother’s house again this weekend. We spent a few hours trying to install the new router – and after extensive trouble shooting determined that the problem was that the Amazon Warehouse (used) router itself was defective. Argh… We couldn’t get the blasted thing to even connect to the Internet – let alone deal with all the camera specific setting! This saga continues. At least I got the picture of the kids with their laptops at the bar in the basement. You know – the bar right next to the second kitchen that all good Italian grandmothers have in their basement! If you want to read more about our nerd adventures there last week – you can do so here: ADVENTURE UPDATE # 027 PUMPKINS, SHARK TANKS & TURTLES

The geek squad also did a little work for one of my uncles this past weekend too (router as well). So were were very busy!


The kids had their second-to-the-last game of the season this past weekend. They played pretty well – and spacing on the field and passing have really improved. We are seeing a little less mob-ball – and a little more soccer!

Gracie had a really good defensive stop and was dribbling more. Dominick added 2 more goals to his tally – and also did a better job on defense. Annie – well – she needed a week off after scoring two goals last week! Oh she was running around a lot – but Melani reported that the entire team wasn’t very focused on Saturday….

They have a double-header next week and I am pretty sure they will be playing their arch-rival – St. Patricks! So it WILL be a 10X day!


Blast from the Past!

Michele, Grandma (Gigi), Steve, Me & my Grandfather – who Dominick was named after! Mid to late 1980s – Saint Bonaventure campus.

I found this picture when sorting through some old photographs. Amazing how quickly the time passes. Dominick & Annie couldn’t even identify me in the picture!

Still working on the furnace thing…. Fortunately the weather is co-operating!

Sophie artwork! One of her first works that incorporates faces! She explained that I am in the middle and she is above me and to the left. We are picking up her large cardboard blocks (I know – obvious – duh!)
Dominick & Gracie petting a bumblebee @ my uncle’s house.


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