Adventure Update # 037: Santa Claus Certainly Came to Town!

I think Santa must have accidentally left his toy sack at our house! Wow - I really didn't think a couple of kids were so good this year - but I guess Santa felt very differently!

….or AT LEAST to our HOUSE!!!

I think Santa must have accidentally left his toy sack at our house! Wow – I really didn’t think a couple of kids were so good this year – but I guess Santa felt very differently!

Christmas Concert

Annual Christmas concert – always an enjoyable evening!

Christmas Mass

Nativity play @ church.

Rough picture for sure – but all three of the older kids participated. The little one (Sophie) was slated to be a sheep (her favorite animal) , but she got a little stage fright!

Two angels and a shepherd walk into a bar…..


Chip, Sophie and Dominick on the skating rink!

We headed to the local skating rink on one day over break. Super impressed with both Sophie & Annie – neither of which had ever been skating before. They both looked like pros out there!

Sophie’s First Haircut!

The little one got her first haircut! Finally gone is the “rat-tail”…. Sophie was more interested getting the lollipop after the haircut than the haircut itself!

Christmas Eve

Our family – with the Gramma & Mimi
Sophie’s Cousin AJ, Sophie and Melani
Uncle Steve giving music lessons.

Hard to tell if uncle Steve is really interested in the kids learning a musical instrument – or just clearing out his basement! Either way – it was fun to see the kids try their lips at the trombone. I told them to make sure they only practice while I’m at work!

Sophie’s Christmas Party

Simple – but Melani works her magic again!

Melani likes baking. Just another one of her creations – this time for Sophie’s Christmas party at school. Simple – but classy! Jesus is the reason for the season after all!

Christmas Manger Scene

We set up our Little People manger scene – and this spontaneously happened right after! Good to see the Daniel Tiger family show up, the Octonauts, some Sesame Street characters, a few superheroes, Peppa Pig & her family and even a few Disney princesses!

The Little People pay homage…. Games

Ever since the Hack-A-Thon (See the post Adventure Update # 035 The Hack – A – Thon) Gracie & Dominick have really been into the coding thing. Here are several of the games and things they have been working on. Keep in mind that some of them are still works in progress – and others display their sense of humor!

Last Sunday morning Melani got up early with Sophie – and was surprised when she came down the steps @ 7:00 am and Gracie & Dominick were frantically coding away at the dining room table!

Click on each of the games to give it a shot!

Dominick’s War game
Dominick’s dance animation
Gracie’s Keep Safe game

Gracie’s dance animation
Dominick’s Flappy Bird Game
Dominick’s Basketball Game


Puzzle – Finger Lakes Region

Just the latest 1,000 piece puzzle we have completed!

Beautiful area were we live!
Trying something new with the doo!

My favorite kid…..& Dominick (just kidding!)
Annie’s artwork

Oh – Mr. Eggie did survive! I had written a couple of weeks ago about Dominick’s school science project. He had to construct something that would allow an egg to survive a small collision. You can read more about it here: Adventure Update # 036 “Oh Christmas Tree!

3 year-old Sophie dances like Elaine Benes on Christmas day!


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