Adventure Update # 038: "Get Your Dupa Out The Door!"

Just a whole bunch of randomness to start the New Year - and in-fact the new decade out!

As Sophie and I waited in the car for the rest of the family when they were in the grocery store last weekend Lizzo’s song “Good As Hell” was playing on the radio. Sophie said she didn’t like the song – but when I put it in terms we use – she LOVED it! We say “dupa” for butt. When I started singing “Walk your dupa out the door – she joined in – and hasn’t stopped saying it since!

In fact, I have written before about how we have our challenges getting everyone out the door and to school on time every morning. So I proclaimed the other day that our new official song of the morning would henceforth be “Get your dupa out the door!”

The Little One wanting to get outside to play in the snow!

Of course, at least Sophie is on board with that!

“Comfy Land”

Speaking of Sophie – the other day she trotted by me carrying an armload of stuffed animals to the back room. I asked what she was doing and she told me “Daddy I’m making comfy land – even bigger than before!” as she scooted by me. Read that – she was creating a huge pile of stuffed animals to then recline in. Yes – she is a corker!

Cartwheel Anyone?

Annie is now spending about half of her waking hours on her hands ….She is CONSTANTLY doing handstands & cartwheels – all throughout the house! Yet, ironically, she does not want to take gymnastics…. Hum….


Dominick and Gracie have been playing basketball really well this past week – both are looking like they are a lot more comfortable out there on the court and understanding the game a lot better. They seem to be learning the different positions, where they should be, and the rules of the game. They are also playing with more enthusiasm and purpose. Things seem to be clicking for them both (finally)!

Bird Poop

Sophie remembered a bird pooping on my head during the summer as I was cooking outside on the grill. That kid remembers EVERYTHING! Since it has happened – she asks me every coupe of days if I remember when the bird pooped on my Syracuse hat. NOW she is telling me she wants me to put my hat on again and for me to go outside so a bird can fly over and poop on my hat again!

Horsey Neigh Neigh

The kids – Sophie & Annie in particular, are really big fans of the Netflix cartoon series Spirit – Riding Free. It’s a series about a group of young girls out on the western frontier and their various adventures with their horses. Well, Santa delivered some of the Spirit figurines and Annie & Sophie play with them for HOURS on end! It is really nice to see them play together so well lately!

Snap Circuits

Speaking of gifts – Gracie and Dominick have really been enjoying their Snap Circuits kit. It is an electronics kit that teaches them about electronics while they build an assortment of fun projects. I had an electronics kit when I was a kid (I know – you are SHOCKED!) – and I was telling the kids how much better the technology is today. In my kit, I had to insert metal connectors into the plastic grid – and then slide in the leads of transistors and capacitors to build my projects. Snapping the stuff together in their kit is so much easier, the connections are more reliable, and the parts are more durable! They have had a whole lot of fun building various loud and obnoxious projects so far!

Video Editing

Gracie has been editing videos again. That makes me really happy – because I look forward to posting some new videos – but don’t really have the time to edit them in addition to the blogging. As she becomes more proficient at it – I will look to her to give me a hand in some new projects!

New Year’s Eve treat -Ramune soda – Japanese soda – with a marble!
Christmas gift – balloon creator kit for balloon sculpting (Learn & Climb)

Pretty much just a whole bunch of randomness in this post!

I hope you all have a great 2020 and that you STICK to your New Year’s resolutions!


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