Adventure Update # 046: Game Winning Shot!


So basketball is finally over! Dominick had his last game of the season this past weekend – and it proved to be a great game! The game went back & forth and had countless lead changes. There were 9.4 seconds left and the game was all tied up at 15 points. Dominick’s team was in-bounding under their own basket. Melani had asked me to record some of the game – and I just remembered that fact – so I figured I better record at least 10 seconds of the game for her! I’m glad I did – because Dominick got the in-bounds pass and put up a high arcing shot to score the game winning basket!

I was so happy and proud of him! He is a prolific scorer in soccer – but has really struggled with scoring in basketball. And he is not usually one to celebrate – but if you watch closely – you can actually see him clap for himself after the basket!

Take a look below!

Oh – and if you listen closely you will also hear Gracie ask what just happened! She wasn’t even watching the game and was just there for the pizza party afterwards!

Lenten Dinners

With the approach of Easter comes Lent! Apparently the kids forgot, yet again, that the household is run as a benevolent dictatorship! I informed them the other day that they gave up their devices (tablets, computers, phones), TV and desert for Lent. They really didn’t seem to remember doing so – but I assured them that they DID! They protested that they were all going to do extra stuff rather than give up something. I corrected their misunderstanding that it was an either/or proposition – and that in fact they were going to BOTH give up the above mentioned privileges AND do extra stuff!

We’re all on the same page now!

Now, mind you, I am NOT a monster. We do let them have the the devices, desert and TV one day a week (Friday) – because I do need the leverage!

On Friday we had my cousin over for dinner. With all this Corona-virus stuff going around – we figured it was better to get take-out from one of the churches and just eat in – so that is what we did. I love the Lenten dinners – and it is one of my favorite Easter time traditions!


Since we are not watching the TV for entertainment during Lent (Except Friday) we have watched some other educational things – like the miniseries on Inside Bill’s Brain on NetFlix. We’ve only watched 2 of the 3 part series – but I think it has been worthwhile. One of Bill Gates projects is sanitation – and I think it has been good for both the kids and us to be reminded how most of the world’s population lives! We all have A LOT to be grateful for!

Crafts & Artwork

The crafty kids are at it again! Below is some of their most recent artwork. Annie has this air-brush kits – and they have been using that thing like crazy lately! I love coming home from work and seeing my previously white bay window shelf/seat splattered with a rainbow of colors….. (sarcasm intended!).

I love their craftiness – but not the mess that comes along with it!

Gracie did a lamb for Sophie – because that is one of her favorite animals!
Sophie colored this octopus!
Annie – Bunny (duh!)
Gracie – Ladybug (Again, duh!)

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face & stay safe!


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