Adventure Update # 043: Tony Robbins Taught My Kids the “F” Word!

Yes - it is true - Tony Robbins taught my children the "F" word!

Say what??

It’s true. No secret – I try to find stuff that is inspirational for the family to watch on YouTube & NetFlix. The other day a Tony Robbins documentary came up in my suggested list on NetFlix. I thought that by watching the entire 5 minute preview – I had done my “due diligence” in making sure that show was appropriate for the kids. But, sadly – that was not the case!

I started the video and my lovely wife commented that it said “MA” for Mature Audiences. I assured her that I had done my due diligence – and that the MA rating was because of mature topics like suicide – which I had seen in the preview. Well, not 30 seconds into the show – and Tony is dropping the “F” bomb! Not once – but 2 or 3 times!

I stop the video. Explain to the kids that what they heard IS NOT appropriate language (no – they NEVER hear it from mom & dad), and silently pray that the foul language is well behind us. One more try – 30 seconds more – and NO NO NO – it seems to be a distinct pattern! Change of gears, CHANGE OF SHOWS – and we are suddenly watching Back to The Future III!

Oh – and did I mention that not only had they heard the “F” word multiple times – but the sub captions were also on – and they SAW it too! Just in case there was ANY uncertainty as to what they heard or how it was spelled!

So how many of YOU will be able to pin point where their children first heard / saw that awful word?? (Tuesday February 11th 8:04PM for us!) Thank you Tony! (Not)

Oh – and after they went to bed I did watch more of the documentary. In all fairness – I do like Tony Robbins and his message & passion to help others is inspiring. I didn’t finish the show – but will soon.

Birthday Girl!

Birthday Girl!  Gracie 11

Someone turned 11 today! Gracie has been such a wonderful kid! You can see a synopsis of pictures from the past year in my Birthday post for Gracie here. Since it was an intra-week birthday – we didn’t do to much – but we did take her out to dinner @ Texas Roadhouse. She will get more of a party over the weekend!

Science Fair

The Science Fair is finally over! Gracie and her friend were a little disappointed in the results. The placed 6th out of 21 entrants – and were hoping to do significantly better.

The Archimedes Screw was really impressive! It worked better and more smoothly than we expected – moving water through 60 feet of tubing – wrapped around a 9 foot PVC pipe!

I think the girls did a GREAT job and I was very impressed with their effort! I sincerely hope that they both continue to pursue science!


Gracie and Dominick have been doing very well in basketball lately! Oh – that makes me so happy!

Gracie got the opportunity to play point guard a lot the other day – and did very well doing so! Gracie doesn’t always like to be the center of attention on the sports field – but did a great job once she realized she had an important role to play!

Dominick has been much more aggressive out there lately! I think that as he understands the game better and where he is supposed to be – he is able to use his athleticism a little more. I’m not sure he loves basketball as much as he loves soccer -0 but he is certainly playing with a lot more enthusiasm and passion!


Birthday Party Painting

Sophie got to go to another classmates birthday party this past weekend. The kid is really an impressive artist!


Argh! Although we started the process of getting the furnace replaced in October – it didn’t get finished and it started behaving again – so we let it go. Well – now it is acting up again – and I have hired someone to replace it NEXT week. Unfortunately on Friday – it is supposed to hit -2° F! It will be an interesting weekend. The furnace has been doing alright when the temp is in the 30s or 40s – but that but close to ZERO degrees will definitely challenge it. Fortunately – is looks like it will only be the one night – and all that lath & plaster really holds the heat!

Sophie & Giagge & Baba in her backpack
Annie’s artwork!
Gratuitous Sophie shot!

Sophie Singing

It’s hard to get any video of Sophie singing – because she clams up whenever you put the camera on her. Melani tried to discretely capture her singing the other day.

Sophie singing
Anyone know what this is???


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