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Just Be Happy: February 2021

Gabi is a cute Bunny villager.  She is a peppy Villager. Her Birthday is December 16, and her catch phrase is “honybun”.  She is a simple cute bunny Villager. Gabi is our main villager we will be talking about today.…

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Nature Picture Challenge:

Hi!  I’m back!  Today I’m going to talk about what we did outside yesterday.  We were looking through bins and found cool stuff.  My daddy and I were fixing my Peter Rabbit music box.  We fixed it, but we still…

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3D Printer

Hi I am back and we just got a 3D printer. My sister Gracie helped my daddy put together the 3D printer. We got the Creality Ender 3 Pro.☺I think it is really cool.  We didn’t  print anything yet. My…

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