Just Be Happy: February 2021

Gabi is a cute Bunny villager.  She is a peppy Villager. Her Birthday is December 16, and her catch phrase is “honybun”.  She is a simple cute bunny Villager.

Gabi is our main villager we will be talking about today.


This magazine is called “Just be Happy” because my Animal Crossing island is called Happy. Right now my island has a two star rating. I hope to make this island better by making an incline, making another bridge and even getting my dream villagers. I already have all the basics like Nooks Cranny, Able Sisters and the museum. I started off with a tent to live in, the Resident Services tent and two starting villagers. That’s ok for now. In this magazine I will give tips to make your island better, items that sell for a lot of money and much more. I hope you love reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. With this much space left on the page I will show you my two starting villagers.

Flip is on the right and Tammy is on the left.

My Villagers Right Now

  1. Flip is a monkey – Jock
  2. Tammy is a bear cub – Sisterly
  3. Rex is a lion – Lazy
  4. Puddles is a frog –  Peppy  
  5. Gayle is a alligator – Normal  
  6. Shari is a monkey – Sisterly
  7. Maple is a bear cub – Normal
  8. Jullian is a unicorn – Smug
  9. Gabi  is a bunny also my VIP – Peppy
  10. Astrid is a kangaroo – Snooty

Latest Happy News

The latest news on Happy is not much but we do have a few new announcements like Astrid who invited herself to his island. When Astrid asked to move out of Dominick’s island she moved out. You wonder how this relates to Happy? Well, I stupidly left a house plot out all night and I also moved out a villager I had named Eugene, who I did not like. My mom gave me Gabi’s amiibo card and the first day she was at my campsite I asked her to come but she said “no” because my island was full. The second day she said “no” again. The third day she said she could if someone could leave so she should come so she asked me and I said Eugene could leave the same day. He started packing up and left the next day. Festival is coming soon and I already picked out the perfect outfit. I also reserved a spot for a natural ramp. That is all of the latest Happy news.


Happiest Villagers

What are the happiest villagers you ask? I will share 5 with you in this article.


Merry is one of the happiest villagers because she is even named after how happy she is. My brother has her.


Chrissy looks so happy because she is a peppy. She looks so sweet and lovable.


Bluebear is really cute and looks very happy. She looks like a great friend.


I actually have Puddles on my island. She is a treat to be around.


My sister has Ozzie on her island. He is always so happy to see her.

Me, Gracie & Dominick’s Villagers

1) Dierdre1) Katt1) Tammy
2) Tybalt2) Sheldon2) Flip
3) Phill3) Ozzie3) Rex
4) Nana4) Peaches4) Puddles
5) Hans5) Butch5) Gabi
6) Margie6) Bubbles6) Jullian
7) Merry7) Jullian7) Maple
8 Merengue8) Lilly8) Shari
9) Kit9) Molly9) Gayle
10) Alfonzo10) Stella10) Astrid


Edited by Gracie.

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