Proof Santa is Real!

We have been fortunate @ the Williamson household to have captured Santa a few times on camera – as well as our designated family elf Mistletoe. Below are links to the video coverage we have of Santa visiting our house and Mistletoe engaged in his antics. Finally – I have attached the email replies the kids got from Santa in both 2017 & 2020 in response to their letters and questions to Santa.

Videos of Santa & Our Elf Mistletoe in Our House!

Mistletoe the Elf Constructs the “Stuffed Animal Pyramid” 2015
Wife TOTALLY misses Mistletoe in action! Dancing elf!
Santa Captured on the IP Camera 2013
Santa Captured on the IP Camera 2015
Sneaking Down the Steps with My Cell Phone to Capture Santa on Camera! 2017

Email Letter Received from Santa December 24th, 2017

North Pole Gateway Encryption: ALPHA / OMEGA / INFINITY / TRINITY MODUS: Direct Dictate — Sleigh One Santa Log: – December 24th 11:11 PM 2,000 + 17 AD Local EST D.S.T. = OFF  Post Winter Solstice: 2 Days Priority: – High / Non-Critical RE: Williamson Children – Gracie, Dominick, Annie and Sophie Behavior Probation – 7 Days Elf Assignment:  Mistletoe C. (Chip) Snickerdoodle  GPS Latitude / Longitude : : : VOID / VOID ****  Upstate New York …  …  Sub Quadrant 7 < >  Hamlet: Endwell <ZIP CODE>  13760
START – / ~

Dear Gracie, Dominick, Annie and Sophie!,

    I have been doing this for a very long time and I can honestly say – you Williamson children are some of my very favorite children to bring gifts to!  

Yes – Alexa does give some good information out on our operation.  In fact – some of the elves are tasked to make sure the the information she gives out is accurate and correct.  

How do we make the time go slower?  

Great question Gracie!  I can tell you are a real thinker (I’ve known that all along!)!

I really can’t tell you exactly how that happens.  What I do know is that many, many years ago I started giving gifts to children in my village that were in need.  I soon started to do all children in the village – and just kept expanding from there.  We work very hard – and I always manage to have just enough time to get done what I need to get done.  

My theory is that because I am honoring God and his son Jesus – that he takes care of the whole space / time warping which allows us to deliver toys to all the children of the world in what appears to be one night!  

It certainly is an enormous task – but one that everyone on the team is 100% committed to accomplish.  I guess that by focusing on doing what God wants us to do and trusting him to guide us and help us – we are able to accomplish this Christmas miracle!  

The reindeer certainly do eat a lot!  As the seasons transition from Summer to Autumn – the reindeer start to eat much much more on a daily basis.  So although they very much appreciate the treats families leave for them – I am confident they have stored up enough energy by Christmas eve to make the entire trip – even if no snacks were left!  

The elves are all very excited at this time of year!  They love Christmas – with every fiber of their being – but will enjoy about a 7 week vacation after the start of the New Year.  We actually have a secret place down south in a more tropical climate that some of the elves choose to visit for their vacation.  

Mrs. Claus is doing very well.  She is a real asset to the team and we would not be able to do what we do without her!  Although I get a lot of the recognition for my role – I am really only one piece of a really amazing team!  Teamwork is what it is all about!!!

How did the elves come to be involved?  

Some people used to look down on the elves – because they were smaller and different from most ordinary people.  So the workshop started to take them in to help with our mission.  Soon they proved to be a very important and capable part of the team.  So more elves sought us out and joined the team and some of the elves started to marry other elves – and it really took off from there!  

You are kind to say that I am nice for doing this – but trust me – the pleasure is all mine!  I count myself as very fortunate and blessed  to be able to do something I absolutely love to do!  I hope someday you find a passion in life and that you pursue it with all your energy!  The whole team finds what we do to be very rewarding – and truly can’t imagine doing anything else!  

Goldie is doing very, very well!  She talks about you often.  She is a mommy of 7 now!  She is a very special fish and I actually keep her on my desk in a very nice and spacious bowl with a lot of decorations. (She really likes the sunken ships and submarines I have in there!)  I will make sure I tell her that you were asking about her!

I liked all of your lists!  I really appreciate the time and energy you all put into your lists and letters to me!  They are the best!  Even though I would love to give you every little thing you ask for – I know that if I did – I would be doing you a great disservice.  

Having everything you want is not really a good thing – and people that are able to get everything they want tend to be very selfish.  Appreciating what you do have and loving one another – is much more important and rewarding.  

Those are the people that grow up to serve others and do great things!  Kind of  a conundrum….  But I’ll let your parents teach you more about that!

Now I did have some more gifts that I did want you to have.  But I feel very strongly that you all need to appreciate all of your siblings more, be kinder to each other and listen better to your parents.  Please do 7 really really nice things (at least one for each member of your family) before New Year’s Eve. Write me a letter detailing your 7 good deeds and leave it in the same place you left your Christmas Letters. If you can do that for me (and I know you can) – I will stop by again after my week on the beach and drop off the other gifts I have for you.  I think you will find it to be very much worth your effort with respect to my request.  

Nobody can be perfect – but I know that each of you can do better.  Trust me on this – it is the right thing to do and you will find that it greatly contributes to a happier family life!  What is it your father always says – something like – “when you are good it’s good”?!?!.  He is right – and you owe it to yourselves to really discover that on your own!  

So I will be checking on the ip cameras and having Mistletoe report back to me on your progress.  You can do it!  

I look forward to stopping at the Williamson house again – probably on New Year’s Eve!  

Merry Christmas!  I love you all and thank you again for the nice lists and letters!


Santa Claus, Rudolph and the entire North Pole Team!

** END / ~ ~

— ////// — ///// — 
North Pole Email Server @ “Squeaker 111” Base Camp Relay – Loop 12 /25 Subnet Mask {HIDDEN} Privacy Override  [OFF] End Route: ///  Linux VPN Tunnel Express Routing / Zero Cache CC: Santa Files  &  The Easter Bunny

Email Letter Received from Santa December 31st, 2020

North Pole Gateway Encryption: ALPHA / OMEGA / INFINITY / TRINITY MODUS: Direct Dictate — North Pole Station One Santa Log: – December 31st 11:11 AM 2,000 + 20 AD Local EST D.S.T. = OFF  Post Winter Solstice: 10 Days Priority: – High / Non-Critical RE: Williamson Children – Gracie, Dominick, Annie & Sophie Follow-up letter  Elf Assignment:  Mistletoe C. (Chip) Snickerdoodle  GPS Latitude / Longitude : : : VOID / VOID ****  Upstate New York …  …  Sub Quadrant 7 < >  Hamlet: Endwell <ZIP CODE>  13760
START – / ~  

Gracie, Dominick, Annie & Sophie!

     Wow!  Craziest Christmas in a long time for our crew up here at the North Pole!  Between the flooding and the coronavirus – things were not easy for our team this year!  I am truly sorry that I could only leave a brief note on Christmas morning – and that it took me this long to get back to you. 

     First, to answer your questions.  #1) I believe NORAD may be somewhat accurate in tracking us – intermittently – since we do carry beacons like what airplanes use – so traffic controllers can track their position.  However,  because of the ethereal nature of our travels – I think that the NORAD tracking can, at best, be thought of as an approximation of our location. 

     Remember as I indicated in my 2017 letter to you, that there is some space time warping that seems to occur that permits us to cover so much distance and make so many deliveries, in what appears to be a single night.  Again – it is not something that WE do – but rather, as I indicated in my 2017 letter, something that God takes care of since we are honoring his son Jesus’ birthday.  Way over my head HOW it actually all happens!  We just head out on our initial bearing from the North Pole into the Aurora Borealis  – and God takes care of the rest!

     With regard to your question #2 about wormholes – I would say, again, I do not understand, nor pretend to understand, the mechanics of how God makes our mission possible in a single night.  Maybe that is something that someone as bright and inquisitive as yourself might be able to figure out someday and actually explain it to me, Mrs. Claus and the elves sometime!

     Question #3 – I take it to be somewhat in jest!  I am sure there is some “tooting” going on up in front of me – but I don’t really believe that it has anything to do with propulsion of my sleigh  – but rather the normal digestion of massive amounts of food the reindeer eat between the beginning of Autumn and Christmas eve!

     Question #4 – Mrs. Claus is a real asset to our team – mostly in terms of management and logistics!  But as with any organization, she at times has to “wear many hats”.  She is also a big creative influence with regards to toy development and design – for sure.  So, I guess maybe inventor/engineer!

     Dominick – yes – there has been a LOT different at the North Pole this year due to the coronavirus.  First – we do wear face masks whenever we are in large groups.  Although we have not really had any problems with elves, Mrs Claus or me being infected – we must take precautions!  Secondly, we have had to invest in some new robots and technology to make sure that surfaces are kept clean and germ free.  Finally,  One of those new robots did manage to roll over my foot in late August – but my toe was not broken.  Although the injury did slow me down for awhile – it was really just a minor inconvenience.

     Annie – We do have a LOT of animals up here in the North Pole!  But unlike where you live there are not really any cars up here.  So we live much more harmoniously with the animals than is possible in most communities.  Snow bunnies are always hopping around up here and they are not afraid of Me, Mrs. Clause or the elves.  We routinely pet them and snuggle with them! There are also plenty of dogs and cats up here too!  In-fact, sometimes I think there are more animals up here than elves!

     Annie – I know your father is working with you in regards to getting a real bunny.  Keep being good – and I am SURE it will happen for you!

     Argh!  Mistletoe!  Mistletoe must have “misplaced” your gift to me!  I will make sure he gets it to me right after he returns from vacation! Thank you for making me aware of your gift and thank you so much for thinking of me!  I know Mistletoe is a very good elf – but sometimes the elves get a little “over-stimulated” at Christmas time and forget things!

Sophie – I look forward to receiving letters from you in the future and getting the opportunity to answer some of your questions! Keep working on the potty thing! Your dad wanted me to leave nothing but pull-ups for you this year! (I think he was joking).

     Be nice to each other, please!  Not just the few weeks before Christmas Dominick – but rather ALL YEAR!

    Goldie, Rudolf & Mrs. Claus all say hi! 

I love you all!  

** END / ~ ~

— ////// — ///// — 
North Pole Email Server @ “Squeaker 111” Base Camp Relay – Loop 11 /11 Subnet Mask {HIDDEN} Privacy Override  [OFF] End Route: ///  Linux VPN Tunnel Express Routing / Zero Cache CC: Santa Files  &  The Easter Bunny

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