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Amazon Fire TV Recast

Quick overview of the Amazon Fire TV Recast - great device to help cut the cord (cable TV) - but still enjoy a DVR for Over-The-Air network TV!
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Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation

Amazon Echo Show 2nd Generation:  These are great to keep in communication with my wife and kids from the office.  I love being able to see them and have a private line to them – since I am usually using the…

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Prize Winners of Piedmont Place

The Prize Winners of Piedmont Place By Bill Doyle Dominick really liked this book and flagged it as one of his favorites! He read this in the Spring of 2018 as a 7 year old.

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Ubtech Jimu Robots

The kids really like these robots! We currently have 2 of them – the BuzzBot / MuttBot one and the Builderbots Kit. Usually, each kit can build 2 different robots (one set of parts – two different sets of directions…

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