Amazon Fire TV Recast

Quick overview of the Amazon Fire TV Recast - great device to help cut the cord (cable TV) - but still enjoy a DVR for Over-The-Air network TV!

Great way to become a cord-cutter and save some money!

Amazon Fire TV Recast

This device allows you to record Over-The-Air (OTA) HD TV.  No cable TV required!

I love the simplicity of the set up, and the ability to watch on your phone, Echo Show, or Fire TV Stick.  All without wires!  The interface needs some work in terms of navigability and information being effectively and efficiently conveyed in the electronic program guide (which I expect will happen).  We access ours primarily with the Fire TV stick we have connected to our downstairs TV. I do like not having to leave the Fire Stick interface to access the Recast and the shows we have recorded.

Amazon needs to improve the mobile phone app and add the ability to see the channel listings so you can set the Fire TV Recast to record from the phone – which currently can only be done from the Fire TV Stick.  We used the Recast to replace an aging 10 year-old HP Windows Media Center PC.

True story – a few years ago at one of the children’s family birthday parties at our house my sister-in-law was amazed to see how clear the football game was on our TV.  She was surprised – because she knows I am frugal – and not about to spring for cable TV.  (OK – it really is not just the cost – but the idea of allowing all of those crappy stations into the house too!)  I told her it was Over-The-Air HD TV – and she still didn’t understand.  I guess I’m showing my age here a little – but when I grew up everyone had antennas and knew the difference between broadcast TV and cable TV.  She finally got it – but was still amazed that FREE TV could be so clear (and actually even better than you get from the cable companies!)

You can see current pricing at Amazon HERE.

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