Ding Dong!: A Reminder to Step Back & Not Take Life So Seriously Sometimes….

Right before Christmas (yes we say Christmas here!) my wife was waiting for a package to arrive at the house via FedEx.  She was concerned that it was going to require a signature – and our doorbell doesn’t exactly work.  Oh you can press it and all- but it doesn’t make a lot of noise.  It kind of just makes a quite buzzing sound like the plates are frozen or something – which is NOT likely to be heard with the standard background noise that a family of 6 generates!

So I recommended to my wife that she make a sign to post on the front door that said “DOORBELL BROKEN!  Please yell ‘DING DONG!’ loudly three times.  Thank you!”.

My wife is a little uncomfortable doing silly things like that most of the time – so I took the liberty of doing it myself and posting it conspicuously on the front door with great fanfare.  The kids thought the sign was silly – but liked the idea.  Melani – begrudgingly accepted it.  A couple hours later, when I was at work, sure enough she heard a loud knock followed by an amused deliveryman yelling “Ding Dong” at the front of our house!

It’s been a few weeks since that has happened – and wouldn’t you know it – the same deliveryman still yells “Ding Dong!”  every time he makes a delivery to our house (which is pretty frequently).  He seems to quiet enjoy the routine now!

I understand my wife’s perspective and her sincere desire not to offend anyone and to generally please others.  But I do encourage her to not take herself – or life in general, too seriously at times.  After the fourth or fifth day of the deliveryman doing this we talked about how our note obviously added a little levity to the deliveryman’s day and made delivering to our house a little more memorable and fun.  All good things – I would argue.  Sure – there was a risk that he might think us fools or dorks – but does it really matter?  We weren’t doing it to humiliate or hurt him.  Our motives were to merely solve a practical problem (the doorbell not working & a delivery requiring a signature) with a hopefully humorous approach and solution. 

It reminded me that we all need to step back sometimes, take a deep breath and not take everything in life so seriously.  Indeed this is an attitude I want the children to have when they face challenging situations in life.  Injecting a little more personality and humor into the situation can be a good thing – and might just take the edge off some of the normal and minor annoyances that life throws at us on a daily basis….



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