Second Quarter 2009

The Williamsons:

I am pleased to introduce you to our daughter Grace Emily Williamson!  I don’t really understand why everyone always wants the “stats” when a baby is born like it is a fish we caught or a buck that we bagged – but here they are: number of infants born: 1, gender: girl, weight – (and I understand this is the ONLY time it is appropriate to talk about a female’s weight): 6 lbs and15 oz, length: 19 ½ inches, time of birth: 5:29 pm, date ofbirth: February 12th, time in labor: 14 hours and 14 minutes, packets of smelling salts used to revive the fainting father: 0, number of times I said “come on Melani – you’re doing a great job”: 3, 111, number of dislocated fingers: 0, number of relieved parents: 2, number of days we were in the house before the baby was born 2, number of good nights sleep we have gotten since the baby was born: 0 (OK– maybe one for me – read below),  number of diapers I’ve changed: 0, number of diaper assists I have to my credit: 5., number of Syracuse basketball games missed during labor: 0.

Melani was a real trooper through the entire process.  People had warned me that I would see my wife’s true colors during the trying ordeal of childbirth.  I have to say I really think Melani is genuinely a nice person! (I’m not really surprised by this – I have suspected it for years).  There was no screaming, hitting or name calling at all, and it wasn’t just me that was good – Melani was pretty good too!  True story, last week I got up one morning and during my shower it struck me that Grace had slept through the night for the first time.  So when I got out of the shower I told Melani that I had just realized this and she looked at me, smiled and said “no Chip – she didn’t sleep through the night – only YOU did”.  Well, we really are enjoying our little girl – and she is growing like a weed.  She is just starting to smile and she already has both of her parents wrapped around her little finger…



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