Intel NUC – A Lot of Computer in a VERY Small Package!

Intel NUC

We have purchased 2 Intel NUC computers for our offices in just the last couple of months. The first one was for the main conference room – to control one large display (60 inch TV really). This second one will be used as a workstation to drive three monitors.

What does NUC stand for? Next Unit of Computing.

Why do we like these so much? Well, they are very small and discrete – but they pack a lot of punch! They are nearly silent and are very responsive – due to the Solid State Drive (SSD). Why have some big clunky machine taking up a bunch of space when you can have something sleek and small like this!

For using this with 3 monitors like we are doing – you will need a ThunderBolt-to-2 HDMI adapter like the one found here. This allows you to display different things on each of the three monitors. For Windows 10 System: Press Windows key + P combination command–>Choose Duplicate or Extend. Duplicate will show the same thing on both of the screens attached to the adapter. Extend will allow you to show 2 DIFFERENT things on each of the monitors connected to the adapter.

CableCreation ThunderBolt 3 to 2 HDMI Adapter

We really like these little machines and the space they save on and around the desktop!

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