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For those of you who are in school, school is ending pretty soon. I personally like school. Do you like school. There are many reasons to like School into not like School. If you like school you might like it because you get to be with your friends and you might enjoy learning like I do. You get to learn different and amazing things in school. You might not like school because you might think it’s boring. You might think that learning is not fun. You might want to be doing something else. I can understand both options. I do agree summer is fun. I love summer! I love summer and school equally.

Do, or did you like school?


Have you checked out my YouTube channel GracieBug yet? GracieBug is a channel where I do a lot of different things. What I do most of is Minecraft. I also do some other random things and I will proceed in expanding my channel. Please check up every week or so. They’re most likely be new videos.

Below is a video tour of all my Minecraft worlds. I hope you love it! I will keep posting more amazing videos.


Ladybug news will be coming to Gracie’s page on the Parenthood Adventures every so often. Be sure to check up on it!

Here is a link to my YouTube channel: GracieBug


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