Minecraft Secrets!

So first off, here are a few necessities for mining:

  • How to make a furnace: First, mine for cobblestone ( Mine at least 7 layers down.) Second, make a crafting table. (3 blocks of wood.) Then, craft a furnace.
  • How to make a torches: First, burn wood in your furnace. (Shown above.) Second, get wood from trees. (Most common in forest and jungle biomes.) Third, burn wood in your furnace. Fourth, craft sticks. (Made out of wood planks which are made out of wood.) And then, craft torches.
  • How to make a pickaxe: First, craft sticks. Second, get the material your pickaxe will be made out of. Then craft your pickaxe! (Swords are made the same way.)
  • How to make armor: Get a few pieces of what the armor is made going to be made out of. Then craft armor.

Here are some essentials to have in your mining camp.

  • Here is how to make a chest: First, get a few blocks of wood. Second, craft them into wood planks. Then craft a chest!
  • How to make a bed: First, get 3 blocks of wool from sheep. Please do not kill the lambies, use sheers. ( Two iron bars. ) Then, craft a bed.
  • Have a furnace in your mining camp.
  • Also, have torches in your mining camp.


So, first off, here are some tips for looking for villages. Villages only spawn in desert or savanna biomes. If you see some structures that you didn’t build, you probably just stumbled across a village.
Now, not every time this happens it will be a village, sometimes it is a dungeon or a stronghold. Dungeons and strongholds are always just one big building but villages are groups of buildings.

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