As you may already know, our family has the Ender 3 Pro 3D printer. It is a very excellent 3D printer and it is easy to use. So far, we haven’t had any problems with it.

To make the job of 3D printing easier, we set up an OctoPi. It allows us to control our 3D printer from a laptop in a different room. Normally, you would have to download the file onto an SD card and put it in the printer, but the OctoPi makes things a lot quicker and less tedious. You just have to download your model to the printer from a laptop.

For an OctoPi, all you need to do is program a Raspberry Pi. My dad has an easy tutorial at hobby3dprinting.com. For our OctoPi, we used a Raspberry Pi 4.

On the OctoPi web interface, you will see that you can time-lapse, check the temperature, turn the printer on and off, and more. After you are done with your OctoPi, you will have to manually turn it off. (You will also have to manually turn it on unless you put it on a Z-Wave outlet.)

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