Rube Goldberg STEM

A couple months ago, on November 7th, my brother Dominick and I went to a Rube Goldberg machine making competition at BOCES.

A lot of kids from different schools were there. A few weeks earlier, kids went home to ask their parents to e-mail the teacher to tell them that their kid could come. Then the teacher would write down the names of the kids that could come. The names get folded up and placed in a hat. The 5 lucky kids from 5th grade, 4 from 4th grade, and 3 from 3rd grade got picked to go. If you’re wondering why Annie didn’t go, it’s because she wasn’t interested. Anyway, we got to the BOCES gym at 8:20. There was a bit of miscommunication, and we were supposed to get there later, at 9:00. Finally, when it started we figured out who our teams were. The timer started and we started building. It was so fun! In the end, my team built a pretty impressive build. We all agree that if we had more time, we could’ve built a better machine. Our ball rolled down a few wooden stick ramps (sticks attached to a card-board), then it rolled on an elevated cardboard path that had sides. Finally, it rolled down a cardboard tube and into the cup. The ball had a bit of trouble, but we were allowed to help it a bit. I had a great day! 😊 Bye!🐞👋🌟

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