3rd Quarter 2021

Sophie – Last day of preschool!

The Williamsons: Gracie had a very busy year-end at school and graduated from 6th grade this year.  She had a class trip, numerous graduation parties and was one of the lead characters in her class play.  We were so proud of the composure she displayed as the town mayor in the play “The Day The Internet Died”.  It was a short comedy – that definitely resonated with both the sixth graders and their parents! 

Starting next year – she will be riding with me down to Binghamton every morning to attend Seton.  That will really affect my schedule – by bringing me into work earlier, as well as requiring me to be leaving earlier. 

Sophie also had graduation this year – graduating from preschool. She gave a wonderful valedictorian speech – that was both inspiring and thought provoking. OK – maybe there wasn’t actually a valedictorian of the class – but if there was – I’m sure that kid would be the top contender!  

Dominick & Annie have been playing a lot of soccer – and are really starting to shine!  This year everything is pretty casual – and the games are more like scrimmages, where whatever kids show up are just divided into two teams.  I love watching the kids play – especially when they are on the same team and are assisting each other to score goals.  Dominick is a prolific scorer – but Annie is coming on really strong and can definitely hold her own.  I remind her that she is playing against a lot of boys that are a few years older than she is – which won’t always be the case. 

We just got back from Philly, where Gracie had been invited to attend a science “Nerd Camp”.  In a couple of weeks Dominick & I have a week-long camping trip @ Camp Tuscarora with the Boy Scouts.  So by all indications – it will be a busy summer….


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