4th Quarter 2021

Well, we have made the transition to our new schedule!  I am bringing Gracie down to Binghamton every morning for school – since she is now @ Seton.  I thought I would be into the office earlier, and out earlier – but that has NOT proven to be the case yet!

Gracie is running x-country – and has had it everyday after school.  So I am not only coming in earlier – but also leaving LATER every day!  Gracie is proving to be very competitive in x-country.  She’s had several meets where she has placed very well.  I was amused the other day when she finished a minute or so before an older boy that started on the course 2 minutes earlier than her!

Sophie is in school all day now that she is in kindergarten.  There is only one subject she dreads – tech…. Apparently she does not like having to use the computer mouse.  I am beginning to question the paternity of that kid!

Dominick is immersed in scouting, video games and soccer.  Annie is doing very well in soccer and crafting & drawing away.  She and Sophie love playing with makeup – and doing each other’s faces. Sophie turned 5 in August, Annie is turning 10 this month & my grandmother just turned 100 in September! Enjoy the fall foliage!

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