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Hi Again. This is my first real post. If you haven’t seen my introduction you should go check it out. Anyways, back to the topic, All about me and monkeys. In my introduction I said that I Really like monkeys, I probably have at least 60! They have been my favorite animal for a very long time. It all started when my aunt gave me one that I named Douglas. I also know a lot about monkeys. Here are a few facts about them. 1. They are some of the smartest animals on Earth. 2. Some things they like to eat are bugs, bananas (Obviously), and other fruits like cantalope, melon, and watermelon. 3. They are cute. (This may be just an opinion but I thought I should add it.) These are just a few of many things I know about monkeys.

Monkeys are very cool (and cute) creatures. Bye!

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Soccer, video games & monkeys - that's what I like!

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