Adventure Update # 042: “Boom Neon!”

Sophie's wardrobe is nearly as bright as her personality and the Williamson version of Super Bowl Sunday!

“Boom Neon!”

Sophie was wearing her orange neon shirt the other day – and I was commenting to her how much I liked how the shirt looked on her! I told her it was so bright and happy, just like her – and kinda of like “Boom – neon!”, in your face, I’m here! …. Well – Sophie really liked the “Boom Neon!” part and instantly seized upon it! Next thing you know – she was running excitedly all around the house yelling “Boom – Neon!” Pretty cute!

Gracie Science Fair – Archimedes Screw

Gracie – Mastering the drill!

Gracie & her friend have been hard at work for the science fair project for a few weeks now! Both of them continue to impress me with their use of the tools. They have until this coming weekend to wrap up their Archimedes screw project. The screw is a 9 foot pipe and we finally got to test it. A lot of thought and creativity went into making this – and I am happy to report that it worked really well!

They colored the water red – to make it a little easier to see the water moving up the tube. It was cool to see the water running up the tubing and pipe as the pipe was turned. There is presently about 40 feet of tubing – with another 20 feet needing to be added.

I’m excited for them and anxious to see how they do. I am also a little concerned about transporting this MASSIVE contraption to the school later in the week! We will DEFINITELY be needing the minivan to transport it!

Dominick the Clueless!

The other day Melani and I were sitting on the couch with Sophie – and Sophie wanted to hide. So she covered herself up with the blanket.

Next thing you know – Dominick comes in. Sophie – who is a little fidgety had trouble staying still – was not managing to hide very well at all! But clueless Dominick somehow failed to notice the blanket bump on us moving and making a little noise.

We asked Dominick if he knew where Sophie was – and he said he thought she was upstairs. So stifling a laugh, we asked him to go upstairs and get her. He obliged – and came down and said he didn’t see her! We asked if he was sure – and asked him to check the kitchen – which he did and reported, again, that he didn’t see her. Mind you, Sophie was REALLY NOT doing a very good job of hiding!

Well at that point we all burst out laughing – and he finally realized that Sophie was under the blanket on our laps!

I really wonder how that boy is going to manage out there in the real world sometimes….

Super Bowl Sunday!

I’m pretty sure our Super Bowl Sunday was probably just a little different than yours!

Most of you probably know that I really don’t watch any sports on TV – other than the occasional Syracuse Basketball game!

OK – I admit – I will watch the Olympics – and the occasional soccer game as well – but I really don’t like football!

Not surprisingly – no one in the house really cares about football either.

So last year we debuted our version of the Super Bowl (before I was doing the weekly Adventure Updates). I don’t remember specifically what we watched – but the kids said it was just a Hodge-podge of videos on YouTube.

Well this year – I had more of a plan! One of my favorite movies is the Kendrick brothers “Facing the Giants.” It’s a great inspirational Christian movie. I’ve seen it before – but the kids have not.

So we were watching football – at least in some sense – since it is a movie that involves the football team of a Christian high school.

The kids didn’t expect much – since it did, after all, involve football. But all of them liked it more than the expected!

Win for Dad!

Facing the Giants Movie


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