Adventure Update #019: Boobies – You better run!

Summer has arrived! Temperatures are soaring and the kids have been doing a lot of swimming! We spent a LOT of time in a LOT of different pools this weekend! It was a veritable Tour of the Pools 2019!

Fourth of July Weekend, baby birds & the “Tour of the Pools”!

Tour of the Pools!

Summer has arrived! Temperatures are soaring and the kids have been doing a lot of swimming! We spent a LOT of time in a LOT of different pools this weekend! It was a veritable Tour of the Pools 2019! We swam at Uncle Ed & Aunt Carmen’s Pool, one of the kid’s classmate’s pool, and Uncle Steve & Aunt Annette’s pool! All over the course of the long Fourth of July Weekend.

Sophie @ Uncle Ed & Aunt Carmen’s pool.
Gracie @ her classmate’s pool. (Dominick & Annie are back there somewhere!)
The Kids Jumping into Uncle Steve & Annette’s Pool!
Gracie, Dominick & Annie @ Uncle Steve & Annette’s pool.
Sophie & Melani @ Uncle Steve & Aunt Annette’s pool.

The three older kids are all pretty strong swimmers at this point – so we recently decided that we are going to take a year off from swimming lessons. The kids usually take a couple of sessions (a few weeks in total) down at the local Boys & Girls Club. It is a very hot and humid sitting area where the pool is located- and we are not sure that Sophie would be willing to co-operate. So we figure we will resume the lessons next year – and use the time this year to try to catch up on some other pursuits!

Baby Bluejay

Baby Bluejay!

On Friday evening the kids spotted a couple of baby birds hanging around the backyard. No parent birds were anywhere to been seen. We debated what to do – and finally decided to take a wait-and-see approach. Sunday morning we saw one of the baby birds hopping around the back yard. We could not figure out where the nest was – but were relieved to finally see the papa bird paying some attention to the baby. Bad picture – but I had to really zoom in to get it.

Baby Bluejay & dad!

Sophie & the Dress!

Sophie wear a dress!

At some point over this past week we actually got Sophie to wear a fancy dress. Does it count if it only stayed on while the little one was asleep? Gracie & Annie were trying to convince her to wear this dress – because we are getting ready to finally do our rescheduled Father / Daughter Ball for 2019. We are all hoping Sophie will co-operate and dress up with the other girls!


It was really hot for soccer this weekend and attendance was low – probably because of the holiday weekend. Dominick & Gracie did play – against the infamous green team! Neither one scored – and their team lost. The score was something like 1 – 6. Regardless, as I told Dominick – I have never been more proud of how he played.

Dominick had a lot of really good dribbles up the field and even had 5 or 6 shots on goal. But nothing was hitting the back o f the net for him this week. Despite the circumstances – he continued to play with a determination that I could only admire!

Towards the end of the game he got the ball and proceeded to explode towards the goal – having to dribble nearly the entire length of the field with a much older foe pursuing him. Dominick maintained the lead, all the while dribbling the ball, and then finally wound up for his shot. Unfortunately he missed the shot – and it was really moving to hear the modest sized crowd collectively sigh! They, as I, were rooting for him! Everyone witnessed his determination and grit with his playing that day. I told him as we left the field that he showed the true heart of a champion & team leader in that game….

Gracie was a little less enthusiastic – given the high temperatures. She did, however, still play well – and had one pass, in particular, that was great! Gracie got the ball near the other team’s goal and did a no-look, backwards pass to Dominick. Although Dominick didn’t end up making the goal – it was still a stunning pass and setup! Great job Gracie!

Annie played too this weekend – and had a great game (Melani tells me so)! She scored one goal and apparently drew the attention of the coach – who was inquiring if Annie had taken lessons and the like. Melani’s take on it was that she was very impressed with Annie’s performance and skills! I hate missing anyone playing – but it is hard to juggle all the games – especially when it is so hot!

Wrist Band Competition 2019!

Wrist Band Competition 2019!

We recently visited both Great Wolf Lodge & Kalahari. In order to enter the water park @ both resorts – you are required to wear a wrist band. Whenever we get wrist bands we see who in the family can last the longest leaving it on their wrist. Much to Melani’s chagrin there are at least 3 of us still in the Wrist Band Challenge of 2019! Melani despises the entire thing and her wrist band is usually off within minutes of leaving whatever venue requires the “stupid” bands.

Dominick & I are easily the favorites win this year (as it is usually one of us that wins) – but Gracie claims she is going to give us a run for our money this time!

Yes – usually the competition lasts for SEVERAL MONTHS!!!! It is difficult for me to conceal mine at work sometimes – and the whole thing is really rather silly – but it is something we started years ago and for some crazy reason we continue the tradition. Yes – I actually do get people expressing concern when they notice it on my wrist that I may have recently had a hospital stay. Others strongly recommend that I check myself into the psychiatric ward for a hospital stay when then learn what I am doing…

I have a really good feeling we will easily be nipping at 2020 with these quality wristbands! They certainly do look sturdy & durable! I might be in the dog house for a few months – but I”m sure the win will be worth it! I hear rumblings that the Olympic committee is considering this as one of their new endurance sports. Has anyone else heard that?

Off with the Training Wheels!

Annie – Still trying to get the hang of riding her bike – sans the training wheels!

Annie is still working on mastering her bike riding skills- without the training wheels. We shot over to a cul-de-sac in our neighborhood that has a large flat & open grassy area for her to practice. She is not quite there yet – but is getting better! Another couple of times and I’m sure she will be an old pro at this whole bike riding thing!

Boobies – You Better Run!

Just this evening I was leaning down to dip a chip in a bowl of guacamole Melani had made and placed on the small kids’ table in the kitchen. Sophie was there was there with me and apparently spied a hole near the arm-pit of my t-shirt. Well the little one, very un-delicately might I say, makes me aware of the “big” hole there. Next, she tells me she sees my booby – and then goes running out of the kitchen and through the rest of the house literally yelling “Boobies You better run!

Yes – I really think I need to start a section on the blog for “Things Actually Said In My House”….


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