Third Quarter 2019

Long days sometimes with the family – but boy do the years seem to go by quickly! First Communions, Non-traditional horse riding and Melani & Chip get a day without any kiddos!

Long days sometimes with the family – but boy do the years seem to go by quickly!  Back in April, Annie received her First Communion.  Of course we were proud of her – but also of Gracie & Dominick – since they served at the mass (as altar servers) for their sister’s special day!  In May, Annie went horse riding with her troop as a reward for their success with the cookie sales this year.  Apparently they are starting to teach some non-traditional ways of riding horse???  I’m not sure I see the wisdom in this method of riding!

Annie’s First Communion.
Melani & Sophie front dogwood tree.
Sophie @ Great Wolf Lodge.
Annie – non-traditional horse riding!

Late June Melani and I had our first day, together, away from the kids.  We went wine tasting through the Finger Lakes region on a rented bus / limousine to celebrate Melani’s sister’s birthday.  A huge thank you to my mother and my cousin Mike & his lovely wife Donna for making this possible.  Not only did Melani and I have a fun day together with her family – but it sounds like the kids might have had even more fun!  As a parent – it was absolutely wonderful to hear nothing but positive comments about the kids’ behavior while we were gone. 


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