Adventure Update # 024 Back to School!

We had a lot of fun during the month of August - but now it is time to get back into the normal routine of things! Gigi celebrates here 98th birthday, kids go back to school, Dominick scores 3 goals in one quarter Sophie tells everyone to stop talking!

Vacation is over – time to get back to the grindstone!

We had a lot of fun during the month of August – but now it is time to get back into the normal routine of things!

Gigi’s 98th Birthday!

Gigi’s 98th birthday! Annie, Gracie and Mimi next to her.

Early in September my grandmother celebrated her 98th birthday! We were blessed to have some extended family come into town to help us celebrate the momentous occasion at a local restaurant. Gigi seemed to particularly enjoy having the kids around. She loves to tell them silly stories – usually involving cats!

Back to School

School has started again for the kiddos! Sophie is going three days a week and Melani (with her 6 years of school, Masters degree and NYS teaching certificate) will be the aide to Sophie’s class. I’m glad they will have some time together both at school and @ home. So is Melani working? I tell everyone – since the compensation is so low (minimum wage) that it is more akin to “Enhanced Volunteering“. Either way – I am proud of her for helping and being there for our little one!

Sophie @ the “Threes” orientation day. Any place that has lambs can’t be all baaaaad!
Sophie – eager to start the new school year! Here she is posing with the school’s new aide- Melani – her mommy.

Ranking the older kids’ enthusiasm for school (or lack thereof) would look like this – from most enthusiastic – to the least:

  • Gracie (I Love school!)
  • Annie (School is OK)
  • Dominick (Do I have to go to school!!!???)

Dominick and I had a long discussion the other day about how NOT attending school or going past the third grade would seriously cap his future career prospects…. I did tell him that I think our local town has a garbageman apprentice program – and that I could look into him enrolling in it.

He’s back in school. Amazing how just laying things out like that for them (the kids – Dominick specifically here) helps them make the right decision!

First day of school for Gracie , Annie & Dominick!


Gracie, Dominick and Annie had their first practice and game this week for the school. They are only going to be playing for the school this year – since the town league and the school league overlap with respect to game times.

Gracie and Dominick are on the same team – and Annie is with the younger kids. Annie had a great game – but no goals to show for it. I think the score of the game was 0 to 0. They had exceptionally small goals and a large field – so not really conducive to a lot of goals being scored at this level.

For Gracie & Dominick’s game the final score was 6 – 0 with our team winning. Gracie played well on defense – but never really got moved to offense – and Dominick – scored 3 goals in his one quarter on offense.

You can see the scoring for the calendar year by clicking on the link below.


We continue to work around the house and are really trying to Reduce, Clean, De-clutter. I am inspired by these minimalist shows and videos we are watching together – since I do not want to be a slave to any possessions. I am a traveler @ heart and value my freedom way more than any item! We have no intention of becoming true minimalists – but a little walk down the path leading to minimalism wouldn’t be such a bad thing….

Sophie and her “tend” (pretend) food.

Something that Sophie has been doing that makes me laugh: When we are all together and the three older kids are talking loudly and animatedly – Sophie has been interjecting by raising her hands in a sideways chopping motion and yelling “Guys – stop talking!” It has been successful in getting everyone’s attention (albeit – with a little chuckle – or smirk of amusement). She then proceeds to tell us what is on that beautiful little mind of hers….

Enjoy the nice late summer / early autum weather!


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