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Lemonade Stand, Popcorn Sales and Soccer: Were back into the swing of things with school now - and all of the activities are starting up again. So - it is busy, busy, busy!

Lemonade Stand, Popcorn Sales and Soccer

Were back into the swing of things with school now – and all of the activities are starting up again. So – it is busy, busy, busy!

Popcorn Sales for Scouts

Dominick had his first scout meeting of the academic year. To kick of the popcorn sales this year they had some popcorn games set up for the scouts to play. Dominick finished first in the popcorn blowing competition! In the picture below you can see him sitting on the bank after completing his victorious run. I’m sure that some of these skills he is learning and acquiring at scouting will have very limited application to everyday life….

If you are interested in supporting the scouts by purchasing some of this over-priced popcorn for a good cause – please click on the link below. Thank you for your consideration!

Dominick is selling popcorn for the Boy Scouts! If you are interested in buying overpriced popcorn for a good cause please click here: Dominick’s Popcorn Sales Page.


Melani and I had to split up for soccer this week – so I did not get to see Annie play. Melani tells me she did well – and was a little more focused on going after the ball this week – as opposed to just bouncing around out there on the field!

Gracie and Dominick had a double-header late morning / early afternoon – and it was getting pretty hot out there during their second game. For their first game they played one of the weaker teams in the league. They beat them something like 6 – 0 with Dominick having 3 goals. The team played well together and was doing a lot better spreading out and staying in their designated position. Gracie played defense most of the time and did really well!

Right after their first game ended – they played the infamous St Patrick’s team – with all their experience playing together and older players. Our team held up really well for the first half – holding St. Pat’s to only two hard earned goals. But in the second half fatigue set in and they didn’t hold up quite as well. Either way – we were all really proud of how they played and the heart they showed. They really improved since the last time they played St. Patrick’s team (last week).

Lemonade Stand

Some of the girls at school decided to sell lemonade on Sunday – to help clean up the oceans and save the turtles. I didn’t really know too much about how the whole thing came about – but had to help Gracie make the name tags. Melani graciously lent her talents to the cause by making some brownies. It was a beautiful, but unseasonably warm, day for a lemonade stand. Sales started out very slowly – but eventually picked up.

There was one very generous gentleman that stopped by and donated $20 for a $1 glass of lemonade. He also took the time to ask about the cause and how they came up with the idea. I think the kids were a little intimidated and they struggled to answer some of his questions. Good lesson for them to learn to be a little more prepared next time when it comes to answering such questions!

Gracie @ the lemonade stand with her homemade name tag.
Lemonade stand – Save the oceans & turtles!


Great Wolf Lodge & Kalahari wrist bands

The wrist band competition continues! They are still on our wrists from June – but looking a little more worn than before! Dominick had one fall off – but still has the other one on. Gracie is really hanging in there this time – and Melani is desperate for all of us to just cut the stupid things off!

Each of the kids have posted new items on their blog pages. If you are interested in checking them out – links are here:

Enjoy the beautiful autumn weather!


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