Why Do Monkeys Climb Trees?

One fall day Monkey was on the ground happily searching for berries. Then, all of a sudden, Jaguar came along and tried to pounce on him. Acting fast, Monkey scampered up the nearest tree and stayed up there to keep safe. Jaguar kept trying to get up the branch monkey was on, but Monkey was too high up in the tree. Ultimately, Jaguar growled “ I give up ” and dashed off into the forest. So even now monkeys stay up in trees when there are jaguars or other predators in the area.


That’s only half the story, though. How did monkeys learn to warn their friends? After Jaguar left, Monkey, being concerned for his friends, decided to warn them. “Hmmm… How am I going to warn all my friends about Jaguar?” Monkey asked himself.

After a few minutes of wondering, he finally came up with the perfect plan. Monkey climbed up to a higher branch and screeched, “Monkeys! Danger! Climb up a tree!” All the monkeys didn’t even think twice and immediately climbed up the nearest tree.


In a little while, all the monkeys were gathered in one tree and all of Monkey’s friends thanked him. That’s why, to this day, monkeys that are on the ground will immediately climb trees whenever they hear another monkey screech. The end.

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