Adventure Update # 032: The Wristband Challenge Abruptly Ends!!

The Great Wristband Challenge of 2019 comes to an abrupt end, Pope Francis becomes a fan, and Sophie narrowly escapes becoming a full-fledged Smurf!

The Great Wristband Challenge 2019

The things we do for our kids!!

Back in June, immediately after the kids finished school, we made a little trip down to the Poconos to visit both Kalahari Resorts & Great Wolf Lodge (See Adventure Update #018: My Tricycle is Very, Very Fast!). That marked the beginning of this year’s Great Wristband Challenge.

Well, this week marked the abrupt & unexpected END to this year’s challenge….

Going into the week, Gracie & I still had both our Kalahari and Great Wolf Lodge bands on our wrists. Yes, the same ones that we first donned back in late June. Dominick had only his Kalahari band – suffering a wristband malfunction earlier in the competition.

Things were going along just swimmingly until just the other night! My wristbands were definitely holding up better than Gracie’s or Dominick’s – and I was anticipating we might even be able to stretch the competition well into the New Year and next DECADE! (Oh – these are hardy wristbands!)

But alas, tragedy struck!!!

Like an expert thief in the night, Melani snipped us all!! And worst of all – she is refusing to tell us who was snipped first and who was snipped last!!

Now having lived through the whole Lorena Bobbitt horror in the early 90s (and the copycats since), I have to admit it is more than a little unsettling to think of sharp implements being present in the bedroom, let alone the thought of Melani using them at night whilst I sleep. Fortunately, her intentions were no more nefarious than the elimination of our beloved water park wristbands.

I guess those things bothered her a little more than we realized. Maybe, I need to pay a little more attention to what irritates my wonderful wife than I have been…

Sophie Smurf

Sophie Smurf
The Smurfification of Sophie!

Sophie has definitely been getting a little spoiled since her procedure to remove a mole from her leg a few weeks ago. Last night we inadvertently (read that as there was a parental mis-communication) allowed her to have a huge ring lollipop. The flavor was blue raspberry, and at the rate she was turning blue (first lips & tongue, then hands…), we feared our beautiful little girl was being smurfified before our very eyes (turned into a Smurf)!!

When she woke up the next day – the process had seemed to have halted – but not yet reversed…. We’ll keep an eye on her and expect that in the next day or so she’ll return to just a sweet little girl!

The Pope Reads My Blog?

We’ve had our first confirmed Vatican City readers this past week!! Rumor has it that the Pope is an avid reader!! Welcome Pope Francis! We look forward to seeing some comments from you!

Carving Pumpkins

Well, we had intentions of doing this right before Halloween – but it seems, yet again, we are carving pumpkins somewhere in-between Halloween & Thanksgiving for at least the second year in a row!

Regardless, the kids had a lot of fun doing it!

Kids with Pumpkins
Kids with their pumpkins that we grew in our garden
Kids carving pumpkins


Kids playing video games
Annie and Sophie playing video games


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