Adventure Update # 033: “Daddy, I’m a Chai Piggy!”

I passed my one-year anniversary of blogging, parent/ teacher conferences for the kids, and I discover that Sophie is a chai piggy!


Wow – It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks with the blog! I just passed my one year anniversary of blogging and had some big aspirations! I tried to do a major overhaul of the website – and might have been a little too ambitious! It kicked off a cascade of events – that was, ah, shall we say – very EDUCATIONAL!

It was disappointing – because I have several new posts written that just need to be tweaked and finalized. However, having to spend so much time on just getting things working again became the priority and precluded me from being able to finish those posts up. So they are coming – it will just take me a little longer than expected!

So for the time being – I am back at version 2.0 of the website. I intend on kicking off version 3.0 soon, probably by the end of the year. Thank you very much for your patience!

Parent Teacher Conferences

The kids got their first report cards for the year this past week and we had our Parent / Teacher Conferences. It is actually one of my favorite things to do as a parent! For all the frustration in being a parent – it is one of the places – where, hopefully, you get a little affirmation and encouragement that all is not for naught!

The kids are doing very well in school – and I actually find myself a little emotional when the teachers are heaping on a little praise for the kiddos!

For Dominick & Gracie’s conferences Melani and I had a meeting with panel of teachers around a HUGE table.

Gracie’s math teacher was showing us a recent test that Gracie had gotten a 100% on and was commenting on how well she was doing. I looked at her with a slight grin on my face and informed her that I would have docked her a few points – because it was not particularly neat. Everyone got a little chuckle….

Below is a picture of what we found waiting for us when we opened Annie’s locker.

Inside of school locker
Annie’s locker and message to Mom & Dad for Parent / Teacher Conferences!


We will be spending Thanksgiving with Melani’s sister’s family. The kids love being with their cousins – since they are all close in age. The featured image shows the cookies that Melani & the girls made for the Thanksgiving celebration! (Dominick & I were are scouts) Great job girls!

I love thanksgiving – one of my very favorite holidays!

The Things Sophie Says….

So I was having some warm chai one evening and Sophie asks if she can have some of mine. So of course I am willing to let her – especially since Melani & I are still feeling a lot of parental guilt about her having to undergo that procedure to have a mole on her leg removed (read post: Adventure Update # 030: What Are They Doing to Me!). The chai was a little hot for her in the beginning – so she had to go slow. Well soon enough my chai is, like, gone! Sophie looks right at me and tells me ” Daddy, I’m a chai piggy!” She certainly is – and apparently I’m the only one in the family that wasn’t really aware of this…. Now I am!

Sophie with ladybug artwork
Gracie has Sophie drawing ladybugs now! Pretty good for a 3 year-old!


Halloween bat artwork
Gracie’s Bat Artwork – for Halloween
Sophie artwork
Sophie’s Artwork
Little Woodzeez
Sophie with her Little Woodzeez playset

There has been a lot of basketball lately. Gracie had one tournament and Dominick has had a scrimmage. Games start in earnest after Thanksgiving.

Colorful lady artwork
Annie’s Artwork

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


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