Adventure Update # 034: "They're On Your Face Dominick!"

Gracie receives the S.A.I.N.T Award, Dominick can't find his glasses and the kids finish up their Christmas lists!

So pretty much EVERY morning it is pure chaos trying to get the kids off to school. You would think that it really shouldn’t be that difficult – because it is the same frickin’ routine every single morning!

Daily Weekday Routine for the Kids

  • Get up
  • Eat breakfast
  • Clear your place (bowl, plate, etc)
  • Get dressed (oh – and mommy still lays out their clothes)
  • Dirty clothes down the laundry chute (yes, we have one!)
  • Brush your teeth
  • Mom does your hair
  • Shoes and coat on
  • Bring your backpack out to the car
  • Get into the car and be chauffeured to school by dad in the warm and silky smooth electric car….

Not really that hard – right??

But EVERY morning – especially with one boy in particular – you would think we were doing something COMPLETELY new & unfamiliar….

So the other day – we are desperately trying to get them out the door – and I inadvertently tell Dominick to get his glasses while I am distractedly standing at the front door and tending to something else. I did this without even really looking at him, but rather simply out of habit – because it seems I have to tell him to get his glasses EVERY SINGLE DAY…

Well, genius boy, who does happen to have his glasses on his face that one particular day – frantically starts searching for them. A couple of minutes later he tells me “Dad, I can’t find my glasses!”. I look at him with fatiguing exasperation and tell him”They’re on your face, Dominick!”

Yes, really!

I don’t know…. I really don’t know what goes on in that boys head sometimes….


Kids Thanksgiving 2019
Kids & cousins Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Melani’s sister and her family, her sister’s in-laws, and Melani’s mother. Melani’s sister’s father-in-law is a professor up @ RIT and I really enjoy being able to talk some science and engineering with him. He is involved in a lot of neat projects up at the school – and quite frankly – I have no one else who is willing to talk science with me! So Marty and I get along famously!

Aquatopia – Camelback Mountain Resort

Annie Dominick Aquatopia Lobby
Aquatopia lobby – Annie & Dominick

On the way back home we stopped at Camelback Mountain Resort’s Aquatopia – its indoor waterpark. Over the summer we went, back-to-back, to the waterparks at both Great Wolf Lodge and Kalahari in the Poconos. I did a comparison post – which you can find here: The Poconos Showdown: Great Wolf Lodge vs Kalahari! All three resorts are remarkably close to each other (11.3 miles to drive from Kalahari to Great Wolf Lodge and then Aquatopia). It’s hard to believe that there is approximately 425,000 square feet of waterparks in such a geographically small area!

So we wanted to stop and see the waterpark to do a little field research. The short of it – Aquatopia is in the middle. Its waterpark is larger than Great Wolf Lodge’s waterpark, but smaller than Kalahari’s. Lobby – same story.

We are eventually going to stay @ Aquatopia so we can include it in our comparison – since it is by far our most popular post on the blog (a lot of people are apparently searching for that particular comparison to decide which Poconos waterpark to patronize). So stay tuned for that – probably right after the New Year.

Snow Place Like Home!

Gracie Sledding December 2019
Gracie Sledding

We ended up coming back on the Saturday after Thansgiving – because of the approaching snow storm. I’m glad we did – because we got nearly a foot of snow. Annie and Dominick were happy that school got cancelled on Monday – but Gracie was disappointed… Regardless, she made the most of it and they all enjoyed some playtime out in the snow! I, on the other had, got to get a lot of exercise shoveling….


Gracie SAINT Award November 2019
Gracie receives her SAINT award!

Earlier in the month, Gracie received a SAINT award at school.

S. Spiritual
A. Always Willing to Help
I. Inspirational
N. Never Gives Up
T. Team Player

Every so often the school has an assembly and several students in various grades receive the award for demonstrating the kinds of traits the Catholic schools look to instill in the students. We were notified by the principal that Gracie would be receiving the award and were asked to keep it a secret. We did so and it was great to be able to surprise her by making it to the assembly to see her receive it! Great job Gracie – we are so proud of you!

Christmas Lists!

Christmas List Annie
Annie – and her artistically done Christmas list!

Christmas List Gracie
Gracie – takes a much more nerd-like approach in typing it on the computer!

Christmas List Sophie
Sophie’s Christmas list – Typed – courtesy of Gracie!

Dominick’s 2019 Christmas list!

  •  Nintendo switch
  •  Kirby star allies
  •  Super Mario Maker 2
  •  Luigi’s Mansion 3
  •  Lego Buggati
  •  Lego Ninjago Disilnaut
  •  Monkey
  •  Elephant
  •  Mario kart 8 Deluxe
  •  Lego cargo train
  •  Super Mario Bros U deluxe
  • Nerf modulus regulator
  • Playmobil hidden temple
  • Lego worlds
  • Scribblenauts showdown
  • Lego Minecraft crafting box
  • Pokemon sword and shield
  • Exploding kittens
  • Imploding kittens
  • Lego Minecraft the creeper farm
  • Lego Minecraft the mountain cave
  • Lego Minecraft the wool farm
  • Lego Minecraft the skeleton attack
  • Lego Minecraft the farm cortege
  • Juno my baby elephant
  • Lego Minecraft the jungle tree house
  • Gaming headset (Masacgon)
  • Pokemon let’s go Pikachu
  • Extra joy cons
  • Ring fit adventure
  • Nintendo labo robot kit
  • Virtial reality gaming 
  • Virtial reality game
  • Captain toad treasure trackers
  • Game storage case for Nintendo switch
  • Monopoly for Nintendo switch
  • Donkey Kong country tropical freeze
  • Big marble run set
  • Lego City sets
  • X box one
  • Roblox for X box one
  •  Kirby 50th anniversary pack
  • Mario sports mix

If you can don’t get me a Xbox one and make a version of Roblox for the xbox 360. Please!

Yes, that is Dominick’s EXHAUSTIVE Christmas list! He had it as a Google Document – so I lost a little of his unique formatting bu posting it thsi way – but it was just too many pages to post it as an image! He had alternating green and red letters for his list title.

I think someone has an inflated view of just how good he has been….

Sophie’s Wound

Sophie had her stitches removed a couple of weeks ago and a bandage bandage was put over the wound. We finally were able to take it off. Things look a LOT better than they did! Poor girl finally got to have a bath!

Now if we could just get her potty trained…..

Sophie Wound December 2019
Sophie’s wound is healing!


Sophie Hand Turkey
Sophie’s hand turkey
Girls Artwork December 2019
Collaborative artwork – Gracie & Sophie!

Please take a look at my latest humor post- just in time for the Christmas shopping season. I bet I either make you laugh, or cringe! 7 Gift Ideas for Your Wife/Girlfriend That Are WAY Better Than Jewelry! Thank You!


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