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Blessed father of 4 wonderful children & trophy husband to 1 lovely wife. Part-time blogger, full-time nerd & aspiring Renaissance man!

111 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Food & Nutrition

These are the lessons & points about diet & nutrition that I really want my children to understand & embrace - for their own wellbeing & health! Whether you are looking for a diet plan for weight loss or just looking to learn how to maximize your mental & physical performance - there is something here for you...

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Another Birthday for our wonderful little girl! This is an annually updated post to celebrate Sophie! There is also an annual photo gallery to recap her year as well.

111 Fun & Interesting Things to Do Online!

List of 111 Fun Things to Do on the Internet / Online When You Are Bored or Quarantined! There is a little bit of everything here - science, culture, fun & games, educational, and even just some really weird & cool sites.