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Blessed father of 4 wonderful children & trophy husband to 1 lovely wife. Part-time blogger, full-time nerd & aspiring Renaissance man!

Life Lessons: The Power of Politeness

We have struggled in teaching the kids to be polite to others, especially in times of frustration & disappointment. So we thought a lot about this, reflected on personal examples in our own lives, and then explained to them how…

15th Anniversary!

Wow! What an amazing journey so far – especially when you throw a few wonderful kids into the mix! Thanks Melani! I love you – and look forward to each new chapter with you! Love,

Inspiration & Encouragement Jar

Want to INCREASE the amount of inspiration & encouragement in your household? Try an “Inspiration & Encouragement” jar! I was reading Our Daily Bread the other day – when I got an idea for our family. The featured post was…