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Blessed father of 4 wonderful children & trophy husband to 1 lovely wife. Part-time blogger, full-time nerd & aspiring Renaissance man!

Third Quarter 2014

We recently took the family down to see Melani’s sister and her family that live just outside of Philadelphia.  Jeni and her husband Steve have 3 little ones as well, and the cousins enjoy playing together. 

Second Quarter 2014

Wow – Did we pick the wrong winter to skip our annual February trip to Florida?!  Everyone in the house has had some serious “Cabin Fever” and, in retrospect – the 3 day drive down to Florida doesn’t seem so…

First Quarter 2014

Christmas Snowman Vinny Ciro Pixabay

This year we went to see Santa at a local business that was sponsoring the jolly old elf.  All the kids sat on Santa’s lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas.  Gracie actually went a little further. Gracie…

Fourth Quarter 2013

All three little ones are at pre-school this year.  Melani is running the kids over to Our Lady of Sorrows pre-school 5 days a week. Gracie goes on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, while Dominick goes on Tuesday & Thursday and Annie…

Third Quarter 2013

We had a lot of rain in the early part of June.  One rainy day I was on my way home and as I turned on to our street – I noticed a very colorful little procession on the sidewalk. …