First Quarter 2008

The Williamsons:

Melani & Chip Christmas 2008

Can anyone spot the Christmas tree in this photo? An artificial tree has never really been an option for us and I really wanted to be a little “greener” this year and not sacrifice a pine (Despite the fact that I volunteer for the JC Lion’s Club and we SELL Christmas trees for charity).  I honestly don’t know how she tolerates me sometimes…but poor Melani stopped by one day @ CFJ Park where the club sells the trees and asked if we could pick one out. That is when I sprang my plan on her to get a living tree that we could keep – hopefully for a few years – and have it grow with us (maybe some symbolism there…). 

Well, as you can obviously see from the picture things didn’t quite work out as I planned!  I trekked all the way out to Tioga Gardens and spoke with the owner who, in great detail, outlined the many flaws in my plan.  Mind you, it was not before Christmas Eve that I actually took steps to implement my plan.  I then asked him what he had in his house –and he told me a fresh-cut real tree (yes – just like we sell at the Lion’s Club).  He also told me a little story about three trees:  One was chopped down and used as the mast of a great ship that traveled all around the world.  The second one was used to make a column at a fabulous mansion that hosted magnificent parties with many dignitaries and stars from around the world.  But the third sacrificed its life for the noblest of causes, which was to be a humble Christmas tree for a small family and the center of attention in the celebration of Jesus’ birth.  Although the story really resonated with me,  3:30 pm on Christmas Eve seemed a little too late to go out and find a tree and then decorate it (Lion’s Club was done with their tree sale at that point) – so we had to make do with whatever we had on hand. So this year we celebrated with a small decorative tree that Melani’s aunt made for us last year. 

What kind of tree, you ask, will the Williamsons have next year?  – Stay tuned!



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