Second Quarter 2008

House circa 2008

The Wiliamsons: 

Wow – Spring is finally here! I usually try to cover something that happened in the recent past in our newsletter – but unfortunately, it was somewhat of an uneventful quarter.  So I thought it might be appropriate to cover what we are working on in the next several months. 

Most of you know that Melani and I bought our house right after we were married. The closing actually took place during our honeymoon – so Melani’s father took care of the closing for us.  Since then it has been one project after another.  Some, we have voluntarily initiated, others – the house DEMANDED we address (usually immediately). Before buying the house I was only familiar with how a screwdriver worked in theory.  Now, I have somewhat more familiarity with my tools, albeit a strained relationship with most of them.  Over the next several months we are going to be replacing the windows (most are almost 70 years old) and redoing the siding.  We are expecting this to make the house considerably more comfortable in both the Winter and Summer. 

As you can probably guess- this goes way beyond the magnitude of a project I would be willing to take on myself – so yes, we are hiring a professional.  Exciting times ahead!  We will keep you posted on how we make out with this project.

As a side note – this picture is a couple of years old.  If you were to drive by the house now, you would be able to surmise that although I may never be a master craftsman, I can hold my own with a pair of pruning shears! 



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