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Diaper Changing Avoidance Strategies for New Dads!

I, as many fathers, have a deep seated, instinctual aversion to dirty diapers. Over the course of raising our three older children (Gracie, Dominick & Annie) - I had to use a lot of imagination and it took a considerable amount of time & energy to develop strategies and skills necessary to avoid changing their dirty diapers. Here they are - you're welcome!
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Personal Responsibility

Yes - some things are, without a doubt, outside our control. But fortune rewards the prepared - and those that accept personal responsibility for their lives & actions are more prepared than those that don't!
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Avoiding Life’s Hard Lessons

I’ve always prided myself on being able to learn some of life’s tougher lessons vicariously – by watching others around me, and the mistakes they have made.  Despite that, it still amazes me how often I ended up learning some…

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