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Value Experiences More & Things Less!

Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things! My Old Perspective: I specifically remember being a kid and thinking that if I had $100 and could either buy an experience or a thing – I would opt for the thing, because I could…

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The Dollar Drop

We have a pretty elaborate incentive system set up for the kids that we have been using for a few years.  We sit down with them every other week or so and go through a bunch of items that we…

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Showcase A or Showcase B?

We run a somewhat benevolent dictatorship in our house. Melani and I decide what is going to happen, and we do it without much explanation or justification to the kids. It is not our role to reach a consensus on…

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Buddies vs Friends (Fair-Weather Friends)

All of my kids have a special affiliation with a specific animal. For Gracie it has always been about ladybugs.  For Dominick – it is monkeys, and for Annie it is bunnies.  Sophie is no different – except it has…

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