Quarterly Newsletters

Chip’s quarterly personal newsletters. A short, less frequent version of the Adventure Updates. This is for people that can only take us (me) in small doses. These go all -the-way back to 2006.

Third Quarter 2008

The Williamsons:  For the last few years I have tried to make apoint of taking one afternoon or morning each academic year and meeting with Melani’s students.  Although I enjoy the enthusiasm I am usually met with by the class,…

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Second Quarter 2008

The Wiliamsons:  Wow – Spring is finally here! I usually try to cover something that happened in the recent past in our newsletter – but unfortunately, it was somewhat of an uneventful quarter.  So I thought it might be appropriate…

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First Quarter 2008

The Williamsons: Can anyone spot the Christmas tree in this photo? An artificial tree has never really been an option for us and I really wanted to be a little “greener” this year and not sacrifice a pine (Despite the…

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