First Quarter 2019

The Wiliamsons:

Christmas was a lot of fun with the kids this year!  Sophie enjoyed the excitement of Christmas morning with all of the gifts and the wrapping paper.  At the kid’s school they always setup a Christmas Shop / Secret Santa Shop for the kids to purchase some gifts for the members of their family and learn some of the joy of Christmas is the giving!   So the kids are given a budget by the parents and they do their best to pick out some gifts for everyone in their family.  The gifts are usually small items not exceeding a few bucks.  Each of the classes go at different times – so, as in our case, you don’t have one child seeing what another is getting.  It was fun and the gifts that the kids chose for everyone showed some genuine thought.

Sophie & Firey Japanese Maple!

 Gracie and Dominick are playing basketball for All Saints school (Annie is too young).  They are really enjoying the game more than they did when they were in the town league – which really slowed the game down too much – so much so that it felt like they were playing human chess as opposed to basketball.  In the league that the school is in they get to experience the fast break and see that basketball is a much faster game then they were exposed to @ the town league. They also like having real uniforms (reversible ones that are white for home games and green for away games) – with their names on the back!



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