Fourth Quarter 2013

The Williamsons:

All three little ones are at pre-school this year.  Melani is running the kids over to Our Lady of Sorrows pre-school 5 days a week. Gracie goes on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, while Dominick goes on Tuesday & Thursday and Annie goes on Tuesday.  So Tuesday is the most challenging day for Melani – because Annie is only there for an hour and Dominick is there for 2and a half hours.  So she has to make three trips to the school that day.   I added up how many times Melani is either strapping a kid in a car seat or unstrapping them.  Between 9:00 am and 12:15 pm on Tuesdays – she straps / unstraps a kid into / out of a car seat a total of 24 times!  Half her day is occupied with this crazy routine! 

Annie will be two by the time you are reading this newsletter.  She is at a really fun age – because she tries so hard to communicate with us – and sometimes it is like a game – trying to guess what she is saying.  Many times I have to enlist the help of an interpreter (Gracie or Dominick) who is a little more fluent with Toddler-Speak than I am. 

We have a climbing-friendly dogwood tree in our front yard – which all three kids love to climb.  Dominick & Gracie routinely climb about 8feet up the tree.  It really makes us nervous – but they are convinced that they are Spider Boy & Bat Girl respectively.  I try to make learning fun for them and a lot of what I make them do I characterize as “Super Hero Qualifying Exams” – since they have an interest in “being” Super Heroes (Hey -it is a noble profession!).  Sometimes the activities are physical – and sometimes they are mental.  The other day I had them doing wheelbarrow races (we hold their feet and they walk on their hands) and then some running with our 8 pound “medicine” ball.  Other times we do “Fruit Snack Math” (If you have 8 fruit snacks but I take 3 away – how many are left?) and word games.  They take these challenges very seriously and neither one wants to fail any Super Hero Qualifying Exam!   Check out our YouTube channel if you are interested in seeing some new videos. Just search for chipomite or type in



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