Fourth Quarter 2020

We had a family wedding to attend for Melani’s side of the family in August. We had been planning on attending the event since last year – and then the coronavirus happened! The wedding was ultimately held (just live streamed on YouTube), but the reception and everything else was moved to next year. So with all the confusion – we were still locked into a house we were renting on Lake Gaston in Virginia (Bracey area) with Melani’s sister’s family and her mother. So we went down and had a very enjoyable and relaxing week at a lake house! We figured if we were going to be isolated – at least it could be fun and comfortable!  It was great to see the kids have so much fun with their cousins swimming, canoeing, fishing, playing games and just joking around.  I only left the lake house once for a grocery pickup.  It was the perfect “self-isolation” vacation in these coronavirus times, and it was wonderful to spend so much time doing outdoor activities with the family!

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